President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu in the good old days


By Larry Gordon

Bakers want everyone to eat bread and cake.  Shoe repair people want people to walk a lot and wear out their shoes.  And it looks like the press both here and in Israel will not be satisfied with their lot unless there is war of some kind.  In fact any kind of war will do.  It can be a war that features explosions or exclamation points, sirens or sentences.

All day yesterday a good deal of the Israeli press was reporting that the relationship between the US and Israel has reached an all-time low.  How did they determine that? Well for the last 24 hours a number of newspapers and websites have been reporting that a phone call between Prime Minister Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry was suddenly or abruptly terminated.  The clear intimation here was that one of the two became angry or something along those not so diplomatic lines, and disconnected or as they say in a more colloquial fashion “hung up” on one another.

That information was followed up overnight with a comment from the US State Department that said that the call ended because of a “communication problem.”  I guess you can conclude that either the call was dropped, though it was unlikely that they were speaking on cell phones or the call just ended and you figure out the rest.

It is easy to understand why both the US and Israel have had their fill on a diplomatic level of one another.  One of the telephone stories said that last Sunday when Bibi was meeting with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro he lectured or perhaps admonished the ambassador by saying, “Don’t ever second guess me again on Hamas.”

This was followed with a story today that said the conversation with Kerry was ended because Mr. Netanyahu had to take call from a bereaved family.

The US insists that Hamas be viewed with some kind of political legitimacy even though they have been repeatedly demonstrated that they are no more than the most craven cold blooded killers of their own people and others.  So can you negotiate an agreement with a terror group?  So far it would seem that the answer is apparently not.  The other side of that equation might be whether or not a terror group ceases being one if they do not resort to terror.

So the press wants to be able to report that there is tension between Israel and the US or that Bibi holds Obama in contempt or has grown to dislike an alleged former good friend in Mr. Kerry or vice versa will do too.  The best we can hope for is that we will never know the real facts or truth.

Then early this morning a number of news sites issued bulletins that said Arab terrorists in Gaza had broken the ceasefire and had launched a number of rockets into Israel after just a bit less than a full day of a supposed 3 day truce.  No sooner was everyone informed that the ceasefire was over that the story was retracted and replaced by a story saying that the sirens did indeed sound in southern Israel but that it was a false alarm.

The press has been spoiled this last month or so and needs action though the parties to the conflict may have had enough.  You know what the old song says: “War, what it’s good for, absolutely nothing, say it again….War…..”


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