Who would have thought that it was possible?  Actually who would have thought that it was impossible? That is being a leading proponent of banning the use of smartphones by your followers but then contradicting your own Solomon like advice and using it for yourself anyway.

That’s the story meaning from Israel over the last few days  as Yemenite Baal Teshuva Rebbe, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchok was photographed checking his iphone messages while behind the wheel of his BMW in Israel.

The Rabbi’s website www.shofar.tv said in a statement (What? He has a website too?) that the reason Rav Yitzchok—who has done remarkable work bring people back to Torah observance around the world—needs the phone and its associated gadgetry is so that he can continue to be in touch with people and help them do Teshuva.

Perhaps the lesson here is that the task and objective could be accomplished with grater efficacy   if the Rabbi would preach responsible use of these phones instead of banning them and urging people to dispose of them.


  1. “Anyone who has suspicions after his Rav is as if he is having suspicion on Hashem.”

    Are you for real? phoney baloney all around

    blame us for catching you, how convenient

  2. Hey Rabbi Yitzchok, all you had to say was, Sorry i made a mistake i wont do it again, instead of getting angry and accusing us of questioning hashem

    you lost the little (very little) respect i had for you.

  3. not sure why everyone is so angry? The rabbis have a different torah than us. They are allowed to steal, internet, loshon hora, go to court, talk with women, go on vacation to Florida

    WAKE UP PEOPLE this is a joke! We are being taking for a ride!


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