Here we go again. A bold and strong Likud leader folding like a cheap camera to curry favor with big American fans of Israel like Barrack Obama and John Kerry. Bibi—subject to a vote from his government ministers—has essentially agreed to the release of 82 Arab terrorists, mostly with blood on their hands, that means they have murdered Jewish men, women and children. And now as they hoped through the facilitation of Bibi’s government, they are getting away with the killings.

At first, two weeks ago, when Secretary of State Kerry said that he agreed that there should be no pre-conditions to enter into talks with Mohammad Abbas and the Palestinians, Netanyahu demanded the release of Jonathan Pollard as part of this no pre-condition but pre-condition deal. The US quickly said no and Israel went ahead and decided they could not demand such a condition because these were “no pre-condition” talks. That the Arab side can set pre-conditions in a “no pre-condition” deal is expected since lying and not adhering to agreements is expected and is part of the acceptable process from the Arab side. So far, so good.

Do you think that Bibi wants to release murderers? Of course not, but this is the sick and demented Israeli tradition from the start of these go nowhere quickly processes. It’s a high price to pay but this life and death charade is being carried out for the benefit of the international community so that Israel can once again demonstrate that they will do anything—even if it’s unreasonable–to achieve peace.

So Israel will release these murderers over the next year or so. Will President Obama then be more inclined to recognize an undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital? No. Will the European Union call off their intent to boycott East Jerusalem along with Judea and Samaria? No. Whenever these talks will breakdown you can rest assured that the blame will be displayed at Israel’s feet. After all they can always be more good faith gestures by Israel—there are over 6,000 Arabs in Israel’s jails. That’s a lot of good faith to go. Peace needs to come about through strength, no shameful weakness like this.


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