Dear World,

Today with great sadness it was discovered that three of Israel’s finest young men, teen-agers studying in school, with a future ahead of them were brutally murdered after having been kidnapped by terrorists.  The entire nation of Israel mourns these boys.

The situation as it stands now is tragic — not only for the families of the victims, but for the families of the murderers as well.  The middle-east was once a location that was a source of moral inspiration to the world.  No longer.  Now the middle-east has become a source of a very different type of inspiration — the inspiration to murder and to kidnap.

It does not have to be this way.  We can stop the moral decline of the middle east.  How so?  We look with admiration at a great American hero.  Six decades ago, one man was able to take an entire nation inculcated in the warped and depraved philosophy of Naziism, and bring them back to a state of moral uprightness.  The people of Germany drank Hitler’s philosophy with their mother’s milk for twelve long and dark years, and under the leadership of General Lucius Clay emerged as an honorable nation.  How did he do it?  He combined two approaches together.  He combined an unprecedented rebuilding of Germany’s infrastructure with zero tolerance for support for Naziism.

My fellow citizens of the world who aspire for peace and universal brotherhood, the time has arrived.

We must embark upon a policy of de-terrorization, where there is zero tolerance for terror and its sponsors.  This will be combined with a rebuilding of the economic and physical infrastructure of the areas where terror had previously reigned.  We seek an investment of twenty billion dollars to embark upon this two-phased plan.  People whose hands have been bloodied with terrorism and its support will no longer be in leadership positions, the media, the textbooks, and yes the religious clerics and buildings that espouse support for the murder of innocents will be disallowed as well. No one may call for the murder of the innocent.

The world must usher in a new era, where the people who are currently under the rule of a tyrannical entity that suppresses freedom and cultivates suicide bombings, kidnappings, rocket-firings and murder of the innocent will no longer be tolerated.  It is a sad reality, that as we bury these young men, these children there are those who are exulting in joy.

Within twelve months, however, this glorification of murder will be a thing of the past.  We look forward to our Palestinian brethren joining us in peace and brotherhood.  The IDF is currently setting up de-terrorization units.  Each resident will be categorized into one of five categories:  Major Offenders, Offenders, Lesser Offenders, Followers, and Exonerated Persons.  The media will be controlled to ensure that there will be no support for terror either in print, on the airwaves or on the cloud.  A new breed of Palestinian will be allowed to develop, who is free from the influence of terrorism.  They shall take their rightful place in leadership and a new era will emerge.

I look forward to a time, in the not too distant future where Palestinian and Israeli will walk hand in had to once again be a source of moral leadership to the world.

But make no mistake, we must embark upon the path of deterrorization now, in order to ensure that those around us not plunge into the abyss of moral decay and to protect our future.  The future of the world is at stake.  Israel will adopt the policy of deterrorization, either alone or with the assistance of the worlds leaders.Thumbnail for 76895


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