By Arye Nisonson

If you reside in or own a home in Nassau County, you want to know Shalom Maidenbaum of Maidenbaum Property Tax Reductions, LLC. A relationship with his company can save you money every year as he appeals the annual assessment on your property as determined by the county.

Sitting with Shalom the other day, it rapidly becomes apparent that understanding the relationship between the multibillion-dollar Nassau County budget and the taxes on properties that provide the income for that budget requires a certain insight and even genius, which he possesses. Chances are, Shalom says, that if you do not challenge their assessment each year, you may end up paying more than your fair share of the tax burden.

The additional wonderful thing about working with Maidenbaum is that there is absolutely no legal fee for the work done unless they save you money on your taxes. Over the years, through these challenges, the Maidenbaum Company has saved homeowners many millions of dollars.

Mr. Maidenbaum and his staff have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and county leaders look to Shalom for direction in formulating tax policy. The March 2 deadline to file these challenges is rapidly approaching, so it is important to make contact with Maidenbaum today if you have not done so already. The company is located in Cedarhurst and can be reached by calling 516-336-8622 or writing to


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