By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Having garnered accolades from a most enthusiastic group of young golfers following the wildly successful inaugural year of Tee Time Academy, you would think directors Evan Honigsfeld and Jason Eisenman would be content to rest on their impressive laurels. But this dynamic duo has planned what promises to be an even more exciting and incredible summer of much content.

“Last summer was absolutely amazing,” recalls Zach Kirscher, 18, a senior at DRS. “The golf was non-stop all throughout the day and evening. I learned so much more about golf than I knew before and formed lasting friendships; all of the campers were a great group of guys. Evan and Jason are terrific; they really looked out for each of us. They are highly responsible and highly professional. We all get together during the year and play golf.” Zach adds, “Evan and Jason are each great guys in their own right. Jason has a real ‘X-Factor’ personality–he’s fun and outgoing. Evan is funny and down-to-earth. We davened three times a day and the food was glatt kosher and delicious. The facilities were beautiful. Every detail was perfect!”

Unique in concept, Tee Time Academy offers an incredible package that includes having three unlimited days of golf and instructions while having the time of your life with friends and other aspiring golfers. Tee Time Academy helps each player excel in his game by using a curriculum catered to help improve each player’s specific individual needs. “It is important to emphasize that our program caters to help any golfer on any level, from the very beginner to the more advanced,” says Evan.

The breathtaking 27-hole championship-style golf course at the Shawnee Inn Resort and Spa, located within close proximity to New York City, is famous for its surrounding scenic views of rolling hilltops and of the Delaware River. Facilities include a full-practice range, fully lit pitch and putt course, also open for play at night, indoor swimming, game room, tennis courts, and a beach volleyball court. Each golfer will have superior and well-secured sleeping accommodations.

Tee Time Academy focuses on motivating their students and instilling in them the confidence and self-esteem necessary to excel in the game. “Believing in yourself, accompanied by having proper technique, etiquette, patience, and integrity will surely take you far on the golf course, but more importantly, off the course, as well,” Jason explained.

Tee Time Academy will take place June 16—June 19. “Setting dates for camp this year proved to be more challenging because of the dates of the chagim,” Evan told the 5TJT. “Accordingly, we tried to schedule it to accommodate as many campers as possible. Unfortunately, we are aware that due to final exams there is a possibility many of you will be unable to attend, but because so many of you have called to express interest, we are determining whether to have a second session during the week of August 18 for those who weren’t able to attend the first session. Please let us know which session would work best for you by e-mailing so we can go forward with a second session. We have also had many requests to begin a father-son clinic that would include instructions, competitions, tournaments, and prizes. If this would interest you and your son, please shoot us an e-mail.”

He adds, “We are arranging a camp reunion in the Five Towns and we are anticipating all of last year’s campers to come with great energy and reminisce about last year’s clinic, but we especially want to invite to the reunion all interested golfers who would like to get an idea of what to expect of our camp as well as a taste of what you can experience, and the great guys you can be hanging out with.” This year’s reunion will include swimming and a delicious BBQ as well as a 30-minute golf clinic with Evan and Jason for everyone present. Boys of age 13—19 who are interested in attending the reunion should, with parental approval, e-mail their information to

For further information, please visit Early-bird special through May 12. v


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