Fifteen hopeful, smiling faces beam at the camera for a school picture just a few months ago- a picture which could be from any class in any school in America.

But this is not just any picture of any class. It is the last class  photograph of the group of Sandy Hook first graders who were wiped out in a hail of bullets on Friday by crazed gunman Adam Lanza.

There will never be a photo of their high school graduation. They will never be pictured at their prom. Tragically and inexplicably, these innocent children are now dead.

When it was taken earlier this year, these 15 children didn’t have a care in the world. Their whole lives stretched out in front of them and each smiling face was full of wonder and hope.

The parents of these children will never see these smiling faces again after the 20-year-old described by some as ‘deeply disturbed’ burst into their classroom on Friday and gunned them down with a Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle.

Their substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, 30, was also shot dead.

Little Emilie Parker is missing from the picture. Her father told MailOnline she was not at school that day.

But sadly she was at school on Friday and was also among the 20 young victims of the senseless massacre.

Almost all of their happy faces have now been identified, it is just unclear who the one student is in the middle of the second row is or if she is still alive.

After his horror spree in this first  grade section, Lanza moved to another classroom, gunning down young  teacher Victoria Soto who died saving many of her students.

Six of her students were murdered, the rest were later found hiding and terrified in the safety of a closet she had put them in.

It was then, as authorities were closing in, that Lanza turned the gun on  himself, ending a massacre that police believe could have been even  worse.

They revealed  yesterday he had more ammunition in the form of multiple, high-capacity  clips each capable of holding 30 bullets, raising the possibility Lanza  had planned an even deadlier massacre and was stopped short.

‘There was a lot of ammo, a lot of clips,’ said state police Lt Paul Vance.

‘Certainly a lot of lives were potentially saved.’


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