By Victor Sharpe, CFP

I remember an article some few years ago in the Wall Street Journal titled, The Ugly Premise of Settlement Opponents, in which James Woolsey, former director of Central Intelligence under President Clinton, pointed out that the charter of the Fatah party — which is that of the Palestinian Authority’s putative president, Mahmoud Abbas — foresees a “Palestine free of Jews.” He referred to the Fatah demand that:

    Israel must give up all of Jerusalem before it would begin negotiations on a two-state solution.

Mr. Woolsey also referred to President Obama’s embrace of the Palestinian Arab’s judenrein policy in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) as well as in the eastern half of Jerusalem. The judenrein policy employed by the German Nazis was designed to ethnically cleanse areas of Jews throughout Europe, which the Wehrmacht had invaded and occupied. The chilling words, “Juden raus,” Jews out! barked in German by Hitler’s brutish soldiers, attended all such terrifying aktions.

In Obama’s now notorious Cairo speech, his first major address on becoming president, he essentially embraced the PA’s anti-Semitic policy by announcing that Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem are “settlements.” In fact many of the Jewish neighborhoods that were on Obama’s proscribed list are, in actuality, in southern or northern areas of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, but facts don’t seem to matter to so many.

In Jerusalem, according to Israel National News:

    300,000 Jews live in the neighborhoods of Gilo, French Hill, Talpiot, Ramot and Pisgat Ze’ev, among others.

I have long urged Israelis and pro-Israelis alike to stop using the term, “settlements,” in English when describing Jewish communities in Israel and, instead, begin calling them by what they are; villages, towns or cities. After all, Arab communities are always referred to as villages, not settlements, even though many have existed for fewer years than many Jewish villages. This is a double standard as you will see later in this article.
This word in English has now become a pejorative term indicating that the Jewish communities are an alien and colonial presence imposed upon another people’s land. This is a blatant falsehood and puts fact upon its head for it is the Arabs who are largely an alien presence within the biblical and ancestral Jewish homeland and particularly in its very heartland known as Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank).

During the British Mandate of Palestine, Arab immigration, mostly illegal, was condoned by London. From 1922, over 100,000 foreign Arabs entered the Mandatory territory from neighboring Syria, Egypt and Transjordan — even from as far away as Sudan — with the connivance of British officials. Indeed, if we look back at what the British Governor of Sinai from 1922-36 wryly noted in his contribution to the Palestine Commission Report, we find the following:

This illegal immigration was not only going on from the Sinai, but also from Transjordan and Syria, and it is very difficult to make a case out for the ‘misery’ of the Arabs if at the same time their compatriots from adjoining states …read more
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