The demonization of Israel continues on college campuses . . .

Dr. Richard L. Cravatts

The Political Science Department of Brooklyn College takes the highly unusual step of officially sponsoring a BDS Forum, inviting only two speakers–both of whom are virulently anti-Israel–and providing no other opposing viewpoints;
A Jewish student at Columbia is “steered” out of taking a particular course because the professor has a well-known animus against Israel;
Jewish students and others regularly are confronted with mock “apartheid walls,” Israeli flags dripping with blood, the Star of David equated with a swastika, and incessant calls for academic and economic boycotts, sanctions, and divestment; 40 campuses worldwide sponsor “Israeli Apartheid Week” and Israel is denounced as a racist regime that denies civil rights to Palestinian Arabs based on race;
A sociology professor sends his class a grisly collection of side-by-side photographs comparing Jews under the hands of the Nazis to Gazans under the Israeli occupation and suggests the situations are historically or morally equivalent.

On college campuses where activists have discovered that it is perfectly acceptable to demonize Israel and seek to delegitimate the Jewish state, it is no wonder that Jewish students and pro-Israel speakers are regularly intimidated, harassed, and threatened with verbal and physical assaults, in a conversation about the politics of the Middle East.

Richard Cravatts’s speech on this topic exposes the threat posed by the “new anti-Semitism,” and then offers some concrete solutions to help bring North American campuses back to a balanced and level-headed discussion about Israel and the Middle East.


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