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Yedioth Ahronot, Israel’s most read newspaper, called John Kerry the “Browbeater of State,” a difference of one letter in the Hebrew for Secretary of State. The subheading said that John Kerry was threatening Israel with economic sanctions.
Israel, like the USA, is a democratic country. That is why US citizens like, appreciate and admire the citizens of Israel who democratically elect their representatives to the Knesset. Almost 50 years have passed since the Six Day War. All of Israel’s elected governments have built in the capital Jerusalem as well as in Israel’s biblical heartland: in Judea and Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”).
But the US Secretary of State is trying to intimidate Israel with threats of sanctions if Israel does not withdraw to the 1967 borders. More than 750,000 Jews live in the territories that were liberated in the Six Day War (1967), known as “beyond the Green Line.”
But Secretary of State John Kerry is threatening Israel with sanctions.
The American people recognize the right of the Jewish people to settle in and control all parts of the holy land.
That is why settlement in the Land of Israel has been and remains the most fundamental desire of the Jewish people over time; the Jewish people wants its democratically elected representatives realize that vision.
But John Kerry is urging Israel to go back to what Abba Eban, Israel’s legendary foreign minister, called “Auschwitz borders,” back into the narrow waistline of seven miles, rather than the current 30, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.
Israel is a democratic island in a sea of bloodletting. All around Israel bloody civil wars are being fought: in Syria, Egypt and Libya. Israel is an oasis of peace and freedom inside a dictatorial wilderness of bloody strife and contention. That is why the American people care so much about the State of Israel.
But Kerry continues to warn Israel. How? By hitting the “Jewish pocket” with economic sanctions.
A little history: After the United States forced Israel to hold elections among the Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the terrorist Hamas organization won the elections. Since then, Gaza has become Hamastan, a terrorist entity. After it forced Egypt to hold elections, the Muslim Brotherhood won; after it forced Iraq to hold elections, Shiite fundamentalists came to power. Now John Kerry wants to force Israel with threats to allow the terrorist organizations of Hamas / the Muslim Brotherhood / Al-Qaeda to take control over Israel’s biblical heartland, home to 750,000 Israeli Jews.
Does John Kerry represent the American public? Do the people of the United States, Israel’s greatest friends and allies, want to see the airspace of Israel’s only international airport within the range of terrorist missiles? Do the people of the United States of America want to see Israel’s center, Tel Aviv and its environs come under rocket fire like the south of Israel from Gaza?
We’ve been in this situation too many times. After the Oslo agreement was forced down our throats and we left the big Arab cities in Judea and Samaria, over a thousand of Israel’s citizens were slaughtered in Israel’s streets in less than three years. The terror did not stop until Israel returned to those cities in Operation Defensive Shield. Do America’s citizens who love Israel want to see buses and restaurants blowing up again in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?
The answer is no. The people of America do not support the threats and the pressure on Israel, and consequently, it would not be farfetched to assume that in nine months’ time, the midterm elections will usher in a Republican majority in the Senate alongside the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.
The moral United States that believes in and loves the State of Israel will not allow its representative, even he if is Secretary of State, to browbeat the Jewish people and bring about its economic and security destruction.

The author was the head of the National Union Party


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