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The Way It Is: Do Jewish Members of Congress Have Laryngitis?

By Hannah Berman

Where are our Jewish leaders? Where are the Jews in the Senate and in the House? Has everyone gone into hiding? With few exceptions, I have heard nary a word from anyone in the public eye about the vitriol on the left. Some, like conservative talk show host Mark Levin (Life, Liberty & Levin) and Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host, have spoken out. But few others have.

Those who want to see Trump gone say nothing when others make outrageous comments. They seem comfortable in their silence. How can any Jew be silent and tolerate the horrific remarks made by some crazed leftists? Do Jewish members of Congress have selective laryngitis? If not, then where are their voices? Where are the protests by Charles Schumer, Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, and Dianne Feinstein, to name just a few? Sadly, every one of them remains silent.

Apparently, the primary needs of these people are to get rid of Trump and to see their fractured party regain power. Seemingly, those needs are important enough to let them tolerate horrific comments such as the one made by the female co-host on Morning Joe, who referred to Trump as a Hitler.

She’s not alone. Others have said the same thing, and thus far there has been no reaction from those four Jewish senators or from any of the others. Being critical of Trump’s performance in Helsinki is acceptable. Saying that it was as bad as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Kristallnacht is not! One has to wonder who is worse — the ones who make such outrageous comments or those who don’t challenge them.

President Trump wanted to forge a path to a workable relationship between himself and Putin. His detractors seized upon that and accused him of atrocities. They disregarded the fact that Trump’s actions told a different story. He never lifted sanctions against Russia, he approved lethal-arms sales to the Ukraine, which is fighting with Russia, and his administration confirmed that our military in Syria killed hundreds of Russian soldiers. So how does anyone in their right mind compare Trump’s behavior, as he stood on stage with Putin, to atrocities such as the invasion at Pearl Harbor, the 9/11 attacks, and Kristallnacht? The answer to that question is simple; many leftists remain so crazed at having lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump that they are not in their right minds!

How do the silent Jews sleep at night? Where is their guilt for allowing the Holocaust to be so trivialized? One wonders if young children and millennials have been educated about the Holocaust, as some mature adults seem to have forgotten about it. Do they know about the torture and the gassing in the concentration camps? Maybe not, since some have publicly stated that the children who have been separated from their parents are being held in enclosed areas similar to concentration camps. This is unmitigated gall as well as the height of stupidity. But it’s all about the immigration issue and proving President Trump wrong — about everything.

Unquestionably, the separation of parents and children, however temporary, is heartbreaking. Nobody on either side of the aisle is happy about it. Nobody in the country is happy about it. But let’s remember that parents took that risk when they came here illegally instead of going to open border crossings where they could be vetted. They didn’t wait in line and try to come in legally as so many others do. As the saying goes, they cut the line. And in their haste to get into this country, they exposed their children to enormous risk just by the act of traveling here. Men, women, and children have perished on the arduous journey. Some came in boats and died by drowning, and others succumbed while they were hidden for days in overheated trucks without food or water. By comparison, the temporary separation of children from parents, while terribly disturbing, is a smaller price to pay.

Schumer, Schiff, Sanders, and Feinstein are in a position to speak out. They have not. They allow the torture and deaths of six million of our people — their people — to be trivialized by the insane rants of their party members. They tolerate the disrespect of those who were murdered. How can they look into the eyes of survivors without shame? We’re one people; our ancestors are their ancestors and, just to refresh some clouded minds, they were eliminated not by Trump but by the hand of Hitler. How can so many remain silent while the hosts of two cable television news programs, their panelists, and their guests make comparisons between Trump and the evil and maniacal creature who was chancellor of Germany? Not in any language are there words strong enough to describe the period of the 1930s up until the defeat of Hitler and his German war machine. And yet we hear nothing from those on the left about the odious comparisons that have been made.

Recently, Carl Bernstein, a Jew whether he likes it or not, referred to President Trump as a neo-fascist. Mr. Bernstein may need a refresher course in history. It seems he doesn’t know that, once in power, Hitler turned Germany into a fascist state. Fascism emphasizes patriotism, national unity, admiration of military values, and, above all, unquestioning obedience, all of which channel behavior in the direction of Nazism. Until now, I had not heard much from Bernstein since the days of Watergate. If only he had remained silent. But that didn’t last and this Jew showed his true colors.

The world is a sad and scary place, a place filled with crime. And one of the worst crimes is silence. Life for the Jewish people has always been a struggle. But we have persevered and thrived and we will continue to do so despite the inaction and silence of people who put politics above pride and are content to remain quiet. They should be ashamed. That’s the way it is.