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Bottom Line Marketing Group, based in Brooklyn, has announced a conference to take place on Wednesday, December 10, titled The Winning Edge 2014. For the past six years, Bottom Line Marketing Group has coordinated many successful and highly acclaimed conferences geared toward nonprofit organization leaders. In response to positive feedback from past attendees and high demand from others, Bottom has decided to focus on the corporate community for 2014’s conference.

The Winning Edge 2014 is designed to be an event where professionals and entrepreneurs–from small-business owners to CEOs of large enterprises–will share business strategies, insights, and tips with others. The goal of this conference is for people to gain invaluable business knowledge. Pesach Tropper, The Winning Edge coordinator, explains, “When embarking on the creation of this conference, one of the key elements that we wanted to incorporate was the presentation of successful and established business leaders from within our community–professionals who are closer to home and therefore more accessible to our attendees.”

The conference will feature presentations on a wide array of topics. Marc Bodner, CEO of L&R Distributors, which has over 1,000 employees nationwide, will discuss effective corporate planning and goal-setting for companies. With his wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with an evolving market, Bodner is a visionary with clear insights into the ever-changing marketplace. Adam Lieberman, president of the Lieberman Group, demonstrates his expertise in leadership as he discusses how to construct and maintain a motivated, successful sales team. Jacob Engel, CEO of Yeda, gives a comprehensive overview on how to hire wisely, offering advice on identifying both the technical and personal skills of hire-worthy individuals.

When it comes to closing a deal, Jack Friedler, president of CityView Commercial, has practical advice on making profitable, sustainable decisions. With over four decades of successful practice, Saul N. Freidman offers his experience and wisdom in strategic business and financial planning. As managing partner of Saul N. Friedman & Company, Friedman has what it takes to help any business grow exponentially.

Marketing plays an integral role in the running of a successful business. Yitzchok Saftlas, founder and president of Bottom Line Marketing Group, shares effective, personally developed strategies for developing a successful marketing campaign. Knowing what it takes to keep a business growing, Richard Bieler, president of R. Bieler Consulting Services, offers calculated advice on how to use philanthropy as a means of corporate development.

Perhaps the quintessential model of a successful entrepreneur, Ira Zlotowitz serves as president of Eastern Union Funding. One of Crain’s “Forty Under 40,” Zlotowitz offers techniques to maximize employee productivity. In recognition of the she’eilos that arise in the corporate world, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, noted rav, orator, and author, explores the multifaceted halachic and hashkafic considerations of business. The event moderator will be Nachum Segal, noted radio personality.

For attendees to glean the most out of the sessions, the second portion of the conference involves individual breakout sessions, in which attendees can choose a track and join an interactive discussion with the presenters. During these workshops, presenters will confront burning business questions relating to their topics, and participants will be encouraged to give voice to their concerns and opinions.

Bottom Line Marketing Group is excited to introduce an exclusive women’s track to this portion of the conference. Women will hear from Miriam L. Wallach on properly presenting yourself as the woman in the room, Suzy Schwartz on effective communication skills, and Fanny Zigdon on profitably navigating social media, as they lead interactive workshops catered to women in the workforce.

The conference is to be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Fort Lee, NJ. This venue is centrally located within the tri-state area and has convenient airport access. Bottom Line Marketing Group has partnered with Uber for those seeking transportation.

An anticipated objective of The Winning Edge is to provide enjoyable interactions with other business professionals. For that reason, breakfast, lunch, and a post-conference dinner are formulated to allow for interaction, collaboration, and connection. All meals will be prepared by the renowned Mi Chicas Catering, under the hashgachos of Rabbis Wosner and Teichman of Monsey. As a takeaway, to promote maximum post-conference growth and retention, all participants will receive Bottom Line Marketing Group’s post-event signature whitepaper: an organized compilation of key points and ideas from each presentation. Concise yet comprehensive, the whitepaper will certainly be referenced for years to come.

With innovative presentations, interactive workshops, and interspersed mealtimes designed for networking, The Winning Edge 2014 promises to be a productive and rewarding event where professionals will communicate, collaborate, and gain critical tools to advance in the corporate world.

For conference registration, visit or call 718-412-3508.


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