By Judah Rhine

Now that the Yeshivah High School Basketball League season and Yeshiva University’s 2017 Sarachek Tournament is over, we turn our attention to the Yeshivah Alumni Basketball Association (YABA) annual dinner and event which is scheduled for May 18, 7:00 p.m. at Congregation Keter Torah, 600 Roemer Avenue in Teaneck. Irv Bader, Andy Weitzen, Pete Kessel, and Jeff Krantz are chairmen for the 2017 dinner.

The dinner hosts a mixed bag of alumni, from old-time players, coaches, managers, and cheerleaders from the Metropolitan Jewish High School League to current players, coaches, and managers from the Metropolitan Yeshivah High School Athletic League.

The honorees are chosen through the decades, from the inception of the Metropolitan Jewish High School League, which morphed into the Metropolitan Yeshivah High School League and is now the Metropolitan Yeshivah High School Athletic League. This year’s honorees include:

Dr. Jonathan Halpert, MTA class of 1962

Ray Aboff, JEC class of 1965

Dr. Harold Perl, MTA class of 1968

Pete Kessel, JEC class of 1972

Avrum Stein, HILI class of 1973

Gary Aboff, JEC class of 1974

Yudi Teichman, MTA class of 1985

Daniel Bursky, Ramaz class of 1986

Morris Dweck, Flatbush class of 1992

All are invited to attend the dinner. The dinner is not limited to those who participated or those currently participating in the league.

Proceeds from the dinner will be used to fund various programs in Israel.

Those interested in attending can access the event link,, or visit

YABA is a not-for-profit charitable 501(c)(3) organization. We hope to see you all there!


Five Towns Girls
Soccer League

The Five Towns Girls’ Soccer League is off to an amazing inaugural season! The girls in each of the three divisions are learning the fundamentals of the game, learning to work together as a team, and having so much fun while getting a great workout. Energetic high school and college coaches and refs are doing a great job teaching the girls the skills and the rules of the game while still enabling the girls to have a fun experience every week. They look forward to finishing the season strong and hope to start again in the fall. Stay tuned for an all-girls basketball league coming in the fall. For more information, visit

Judah Rhine, who has been coaching youth basketball for more than 35 years, is co-director of MVP Boys Basketball Camp and MVP Girls Basketball Camp, and co‑commissioner of the National Council of Young Israel basketball league. He can be reached at or



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