Now in all honesty I have never run a marathon, let alone jumped hurdles, but I assume this is what it’s like.

As an aside, men in business meetings will sometimes refer to “housekeeping.” What they mean are issues not germane to the topic at hand but that should be covered like where to get your parking validated or register for the next seminar or whatever. I always find it funny that men who probably never do housework co-opted this word into their business jargon.

Well if they can claim to do housekeeping, I can claim to jump hurdles. We all can this year with the Shabbos-Yom Tov schedule and the way it fell out after only a week in school. Plus we all know the first week is the hardest with getting used to busing and homework schedules.

So yom tov is just about here and hopefully we have all done all our meal planning, shopping, and cooking, clothes planning, shopping, and cleaning. All while our darling children whine “I’m bored.” Argh

So for food I was actually a little organized–copying and pasting internet recipes into one file for easy reference while cooking. I also copy and paste ingredients directly into my Gourmet Glatt delivery order form. That service is a G-dsend and they are totally reliable and they shave many hours off of the food prep schedule.

Then all I need to do is cook it all. That gets more complicated. It’s so physically taxing standing for all that time, chopping and peeling and such. I have tried getting my daughter involved. She caught on to what was busywork and what wasn’t so she doesn’t just want to stir. I had her peeling garlic once. Just when it looked like I had found a good sous chef, she complained how it made her fingers hurt. (Eh, that’s why I don’t want to do it. Oh well, go back to playing.)

At some point with peels and ingredients on every surface, your children will proclaim they are hungry. And with all the food cooking, roasting, simmering, etc. there’s really nothing to give them. PB&J sandwich? They’re not having it. So you finally get to clean up and maybe sit down.

But then there’s the cleaning the house and bathing the children part of the day. At last you are engaging the children with something fun. But its shortlived because you have all kinds of kitchen timers going off, telling you you need to start getting ready for food storage.

So then, at last, even Cinderella gets to go to the ball, maybe even with her nails done if a fairy godmother comes to help.

And we get to do all this a few times in a row. As I was thinking about this phenomenon and how to not be such a complainer, it dawned on me that this is our service to Hashem. Tragically, we don’t have a Bais Hamikdash and we aren’t male kohanim anyway. We don’t even get to sit through davening most times. So this is our way of enhancing these special days and helping bring more enjoyment to the whole family which hopefully makes their davening better too. Shanah tovah and chag sameach everyone.


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