By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Working together at Hatzolah, Dr. Justin Hirmes and Dr. Yitzi Kolodny discovered they shared an interest in helping people and working for the greater good. “We realized from many of the calls that were coming in to us at Hatzolah, that although there are therapists who may provide some home service to patients, there were none who focused exclusively on providing home therapy within the community,” Dr. Kolodny recalls. Pooling their respective extensive training and experience in physical therapy, the two physical therapists, both of whom were working at outpatient clinics, decided to open Therapy On Wheels, providing exceptional, caring physical and occupational therapy within the comfort of the patient’s home.

According to Dr. Kolodny, “It is the patient’s family who usually reaches out to us, expressing concern about their loved one.” Because they deal with Medicare recipients, most of the patients serviced by Therapy On Wheels are elderly and are experiencing tremendous pain, often impacting them physically as well as emotionally. Sadly, all too often, they become depressed and possess neither the strength nor interest in leaving their homes to begin the therapy that is crucial to their rehabilitation.

It is patients like these who present the greatest challenge and are the ones most helped by Therapy On Wheels. “We work together with patients and their families toward the goal of making the patients as happy as possible,” Dr. Kolodny said.

While protecting the patient’s confidentiality, he cited the case of an esteemed gentleman who had been experiencing excruciating pain. Throughout his ongoing therapy with Doctors Hirmes and Kolodny, both the beloved patriarch and his family had expressed their fervent wish that he be able to attend the upcoming wedding of a grandchild and recite a berachah under the chupah. Although his fragile condition and chronic pain seemed to be insurmountable obstacles at the outset, baruch Hashem, thanks to Therapy on Wheels’ outstanding and dedicated therapy, this family’s dream was brought to fruition as their precious Zeidy graced the chupah with his presence, reciting the berachah–the greatest gift of all!

Therapy On Wheels treats all orthopedic and neurological issues. They are pain management and balance experts. “We also offer occupational therapy services,” says Dr. Kolodny. “We begin by coming in and doing a complete evaluation of the patient’s home. Following the home evaluation, we offer a home modification to make life easier for the patient.”

He adds, “We focus on manual work and we bring a great deal of equipment with us.” Included among the extensive therapy offered by Therapy On Wheels are gait training, transfer training, and balance training with an emphasis on the elderly. Consummate professionals, the therapists are kind, compassionate, and sensitive to their patients’ needs, according them the utmost level of courtesy and respect.

“We find that a great many of our patients suffer from arthritis. We have a cold laser machine which alleviates the pain and the inflammation,” Dr. Kolodny explains. “I had a patient with severe bilateral arthritis. After one week of using the cold laser machine, she was fine; the arthritis went away.”

To find out more about Therapy On Wheels call 516-220-0649. May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health and arichas yomim. v


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