Israeli companies on Danish bank Danskebank's blacklist

Ted Belman-

The threat of sanctions looms large, not for the Palestinians who continue their incitement and intransigence, not for Assad’s Syria after 130,000 deaths, not for Iran who threatens our annihilation, not for Iran who continues to hang homosexuals etc, etc, not for anyone except Israel. Israel, who dares to exercise its legal rights to Judea and Samaria, whose Arab citizens have more rights than any Arabs in any Arab country, who keeps the PA in power and enables its autonomy, who pays Arab workers in Judea and Samaria more than they get from Arab employers, who doesn’t even have the death penalty for Arabs convicted of murdering Jews and who wishes to live in peace with their Arab neighbour, is the target of sanctions.

Even Iran who is violating international law and racing to build a nuclear bomb, is let off the sanction hook and sees its sanctions crumbling. But not Israel.

YNET reports on a debate taking place with Israel in the shadow of this growing threat:

We cannot truly fight against the will to boycott us,” said the Foreign Ministry official. Following the announcement of Danish bank Danskebank in regards to pulling out its investments in several companies, including Israeli firms, an inquiry conducted by the Israeli embassy in Copenhagen revealed that the Danish bank has no investments with any body related to Africa-Israel Investments Limited (AFI).

“There is a boycott fashion in Europe against Israel, but we’re still not talking about a trend,” the Foreign Ministry official noted. “In any case, the boycott is a phenomenon that is derived from the real issue, which is the construction in the settlements. As long as Israel continues to build, this phenomenon will persist and it will be difficult to prevent it without handling this political issue. There is no way to explain to the Europeans why the settlements are good, and why they should buy products produced beyond the Green Line.”

Israeli companies on Danish bank Danskebank’s blacklist

The Foreign Ministry was supposed to present data regarding boycotts in a cabinet hearing that was canceled last week; the ministry was also set to demand from the cabinet to separate the boycotts initiated by government and countries to the battle against pro-Palestinian organizations and commercial entities. In a yet-scheduled ministerial meeting on the matter, Foreign Ministry officials are expected to stress that the two should not be confused.

“There is no way to explain the fundamental issue that troubles even our most prominent companies in the world. It is impossible to face the subject of boycotts while not facing the subject of settlements. That is the truth,” said the Foreign Ministry official.

However, not everyone in the Israeli diplomatic field agrees with this analysis, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is certain that the issue of settlements is only an excuse for those who seek to boycott Israel. Lieberman believes that due to the process of “Islamization” in Europe, along with its severe economic crisis, European countries are working towards boycotting Israel in order to …read more
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