Pieczenik is a very knowledgeable guy but he believes Mossad was involved in 9/11. Listen to him carefully. Much of what he says is not correct but some things are.

I received this email:

At 16:03 Steve Pieczenik says “It (US protecting Israel against Iran) has NO LEGITIMACY ON OUR (USA’s) PART- We have no national security interests in the Middle East with regard to Iran. Iran has DONE NOTHING TO [HARM] US.”

[Isn’t The US supposed to defend OUR ALLIES?! AND OUR National Interest- after all We Yankees are “The Great Satan” aren’t we?!]

Apparently, Alex Jones legitimatizes Piecznik (Polish name by the way) to broadcast to his “Alt-Right” audience that: (1) (“Incompetent”) Jarred Kushner and his comrade (“Incompetent”) Prince Ben-Salman are inciting war with Lebanon=Hezbollah/Iran (2) at the BEHEST of (“Corrupt”) Bibi (“and his entire Corrupt Cabinet”) [with the insinuation that he/they are attempting to Deflect attention away from pending “Indictment”- of which there currently is absolutely NO EVIDENCE] of which (3)such an “Israel-Incited War” has NO JUSTIFICATION. (4) ALL WITH Grandpa Donald’s Blessing [as Advised by his “Incompetent” Son-In-Law (Who Just-So-Happens-To-Be an Orthodox Jew) and which (5) Pieczenik so brazenly prophesies that (G-d forbid) that we (Israel) will lose- just for added-good measure, to incite Jones’s Alt-Right audiences’ indignation against!

Think About It.

Tell me Ted, do you sense just a “Smidgen” of Anti-Semitic (& Anti-Israel) Sentiment in all of this?

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Source:: Israpundit


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