one of the 600-strong Rabbis for Obama

The Obama campaign touted what wassupposed to be an extraordinary achievement last week when they paraded out anallegedly illustrious list of 600 American Rabbis who are supporting there-election of President Obama.

Not surprisingly the list runs the gamutof those who are extremely critical of the State of Israel to those who haveassociated themselves  and workedrelentlessly to weaken if not undermine the Jewish state in some fashion atevery conceivable opportunity.  Just likeBarrack Obama.

William Kristol, the Fox Newscommentator and the head of the Emergency Coalition for Israel has written thepresident asking him to repudiate the support of many of those so-calledrabbi’s.  The ECI has singled out aseries of this rabbi’s demonstrating in a specific way the activities that theyare involved in that intends to damage Israel in a number of ways.

one of the 600-strong Rabbis for Obama

If nothing else this list of rabbi’sis just another wake up call to the America Jewish electorate to come to itssenses before the November 6th national election and to come to therealization of what a second Obama administrations plans are for the Jewishstate.

Kristol in his admonition of Obamasuggest that the president may have been misled by some combination of campaignoperatives who do not understand what Jewish support for Israel in this countryreally is.  I’ve considered thatpossibility and would like to suggest that there was no error committed here atall.  The list of virulent anti-Israelpersonalities was presented precisely the way it was intended.  And that was to illustrate in a mindless sortof way that the reality is that a majority of Jews in this country will bevoting for Mr. Obama because they too are uncomfortable with Israel’s strength,success and independence.  It’s sad buttrue.

This thrust and direction onUS-Israel policy and relations follows the J Street construct that is theorganization that says it is, “pro-Israel and pro-peace.” The hidden anddeceptive formula here is that to achieve peace according to the J Street/Obamamode Israel needs to be badgered and maneuvered into submission to make thisversion of peace possible.

I’ve written it in this space morethan a few times over the last year or so. The idea of getting Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, forciblyremove Jews living quietly and innocently from their homes is a policy thatmost of the world not only wants to see implemented but at some point expectsand anticipates that such a policy will someday be adapted and eventuallyachieved.  It is an abuse of people’srights but however, somehow when it comes to Israel the idea is universallyaccepted.

This is the attitude and approach thatBarrack Obama has been raised on.  Andthat is that Israel is a country that is wrongly occupying another nation—thehistorically heretofore non existent Palestinian people. And that the only justand fair way out of this mess is for Israel to back off, offer apologies andoffer unilateral concessions.

And in order to emphasize this rightapproach, Obama and company has paraded out 600 rabbi’s many who may know lessabout Torah, Israel, Jewish history, ritual or Jewish life than the average preschooler.  The Obama campaign people have so littlerespect for the rights of Israel and the Jewish people to the land that theyeasily and unthinkingly produce just about anyone willing to flippantly referto themselves as “Rabbi.”

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