By Larry Gordon _

We do not know the identity of the third shooting victim in the hate crime targeting Jews in Overland Park, Kansas as of this hour. We do know that the shooter Frazier Glenn Miller Cross was known by a few different names and he drove from the neighboring state of Missouri to kill Jews.

Mr. Miller Cross or whatever his name is obviously a viciously sick person who had no reason to be free considering the number and types of crimes he had been previously charged with and indeed served time in prison for. He was in jail for several years for attempted murder and other assorted and related violent crimes. But our justice system seems to pride itself on being merciful to the cruel even if one day it will result in those beneficiaries of that largesse being in turn cruel to the merciful.

I could not help thinking that at least we are being protected from awful criminals like Jonathan Pollard and Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin who freedom for is unthinkable because of their terrible crimes. Pollard as you know spied for Israel in the 1980’s and Rubashkin cooked the books on his chicken and beef plant prying several mission dollars from a bank without sufficient documentation. Thankfully we are safe from those dangerous criminals.

It was imperative; however, that a hateful character like Miller be free to kill on another day and he did indeed oblige the twisted unjust system on Sunday. The two victims identified so far, a grandfather and his grandson were non-Jews but they were on the premises of a Jewish Community Center which made them Jewish enough for this crazed murderer who will now once again be incarcerated perhaps this time for life but who knows?


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