By Larry Gordon

A lot of people out there in the international community deserve the wrath of the world be brought down upon them in the most extreme and definitive fashion. The list is long—Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas in Gaza, Fatah disguised a moderates and so on down the line. On the Syrian front, the brash and brazen Mr. Assad in his unique megalomaniacal way has dared the free world to send their expensive and sophisticated weaponry to wreak havoc on his not so little fiefdom. But that would most likely be a waste of billions of dollars.

For now—as opposed to yesterday—-it seems that President Obama has pulled back from releasing the ferocity of the US military on Mr. Assad and his obviously wrong thinking and quite possibly seriously deranged colleagues. And though we are all chomping at the war bit, the President probably did the right thing.

And that is because today even war is not what it used to be. The mess and the complications it creates in its aftermath are most often worse and more severe to deal with than the rhetoric and the craziness that is taking place now even before the first missile is launched.

And who knows, it could very well be that these days the threat of those missiles destroying the Assad palaces, his elite brigades, his jet fighters and his war ships is far more impactful and a contributing factor to his conduct going forward than allowing all hell to break lose.

Sure, war is certainly not what we used to read about in our history books. Additionally interesting is that Mr. Obama said the other day that even if the US and our allies were to attack Syria the objective would not be to dislodge Mr. Assad from power. And that is because we learned our lesson from chasing Saddam Hussein, Mummar Quadaffi and Hosni Mubarak from power. And that lesson is that when we get rid of these despotic mad men the lunatics waiting in the wings are often much worse.

So let’s hope that the Assad lesson was learned. He will not be attacking his people with chemical weapons going forward. Mission accomplished. Everyone go home.


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