Three more suspects in the savage February attack against Argentina’s chief rabbi were arrested Monday morning in Buenos Aires, bringing the total to five following the arrest of two more suspects last month.

Monday’s arrests followed a raid on the home of local Buenos Aires gang leader known as “Coco,” the conclusion of a two-month investigation which included fingerprint analysis and reviews of security camera footage. During the raid, items were found belonging to Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich, including jewelry,  a ceremonial pen from Jerusalem, and a haredi-style hat, as well as large amounts of cash. Approximately 200,000 pesos ($4,750) were stolen from Rabbi Davidovich’s home during the February 27 assault. A satellite tracking system, ropes, ladders, various tools and more cash were also found.

The two suspects arrested in connection with the case last month were apprehended after police located a vehicle believed to have been used to facilitate the attack.

During the assault, the intruders allegedly told Rabbi Davidovich that they knew he was the country’s chief rabbi before brutally beating him, breaking nine of his ribs and puncturing a lung.

The Argentinian Jewish community has demanded police approach the attack as a hate crime, arguing that its vicious nature suggests careful planning as well as knowledge of the victim’s identity.