Rabbi Avraham Sacks starts off the year on the right note.
Rabbi Avraham Sacks starts off the year on the right note.

By Avi Muchnick

In anticipation of opening for the 2013—2014 school year in the North Woodmere Jewish Center this September, Tiferet Academy conducted the first of multiple rounds of group interviews and evaluations, for approximately 50 students this past Sunday. Tiferet plans to conduct additional group interviews over the next few weeks with remaining applicants in anticipation of the registration deadline of February 1.

Tiferet Academy is building the next generation of yeshiva classrooms, focusing on 21st Century Learning to personalize student’s learning experiences and helping the school maintain a model of sustainable tuition. Tiferet Academy is accepting applications for pre‑K through third grade until February 1. Due to the overwhelming interest, they are now contemplating opening parallel classes in some of the lower grades to meet the registration demand.

“Space is close to capacity and late registrants may be added to a waiting list for grades with oversubscribed classes,” said Rabbi Avraham Sacks, head of school at Tiferet. “We are thrilled with the response to Tiferet’s 21st Century Learning educational model and we are doing our best to accommodate the demand.”

Parent volunteers helped organize and run the event. “The energy and excitement from the parents and students could be felt in the air,” said Sean Fulda, one of the parent volunteers. “Everything ran smoothly. I was especially impressed with Rabbi Sacks and his staff’s professionalism.”

Rabbi Sacks led the interviews together with two child psychologists with extensive experience in assessing children for school placement. Rabbi Sacks engaged the children by playing music on a keyboard and singing songs, warming them up for their individual assessments with professional child psychologists.

“While children were being assessed, Rabbi Sacks met with every parent, outlining the goals for the school, the students, and how to make the most of the relationship between faculty and parents,” said David Galpert, project coordinator for Tiferet Academy. “The day was productive and successful, but most importantly parents were thrilled with the vision for the school.”

“We’re looking forward to interviewing the next round of applicants,” added Galpert. For any questions about Tiferet Academy or the application process, or to be placed on Tiferet’s mailing list, please e‑mail DGalpert@Tiferet.org. More information and the application form can be found at www.Tiferet.org. v


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