Tiferet Academy, a new yeshiva opening in the Five Towns in September 2013, has secured school facilities inside the North Woodmere Jewish Center (Congregation Ohr Torah) in North Woodmere, in the facilities previously leased by Yeshiva Katana.

Tiferet Academy is a new yeshiva focused on offering “21st Century Learning” and a long-term sustainable tuition model. 21st Century Learning is a revolutionary educational approach that leverages technology and cutting-edge teaching methodologies to tailor the education to the individual child. This educational model allows all children to move at their own pace in both Judaic and general studies, which is ideal especially for students who learn faster or slower than average in the traditional classroom. Studies have shown that students who learn under this model perform significantly better than students trained in traditional classrooms.

The yeshiva’s unique model also helps it to lower operating costs in order to create a sustainable tuition model for the future. Tiferet has announced all-inclusive tuition rates of $6,990 for 4-year-old pre‑K, $8,590 for kindergarten, and $9,290 for first through third grades, and is accepting applications for those classes. Space is limited and is therefore being held on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to acceptance interviews. Classes are quickly filling up, according to Rabbi Avraham Sacks, head of school of Tiferet Academy.

North Woodmere Jewish Center is located on a multi-acre property on one of North Woodmere’s quietest blocks, in proximity to North Woodmere Park. Tiferet Academy has secured a separate wing with classrooms, a social hall (with an aron kodesh for davening), and kitchen, accessible from its own private, secured entrance. Tiferet will also have its own designated indoor and outdoor recreational areas, along with ample parking.

The school facilities are currently being renovated from scratch to meet Tiferet’s unique educational approach and strict standards. “This truly is a unique opportunity for a startup school,” said Rabbi Sacks. “We will have complete state-of-the art security, well-lit, high-tech classrooms, and a unique classroom layout. Our classrooms are built around a circle, so all doors face each other and surround a common learning and play area. This will add a sense of achdut and connectedness among the students and faculty, which will benefit the school culture as a whole. It is especially great for siblings in different grades, as they can easily see each other throughout the day.”

Located at 410 Hungry Harbor Road, North Woodmere Jewish Center is only yards away from the footbridge linking Woodmere and Hewlett to North Woodmere. It is easily accessible off Peninsula Boulevard and Mill Road by car.

“Our new building’s proximity to the Five Towns is a tremendous advantage for most Tiferet families,” said Avi Muchnick, a spokesperson for Tiferet’s board of directors. “North Woodmere is a few minutes’ drive for everyone in the Five Towns, but will still qualify those students for district busing. It’s also close enough to be accessible to West Hempstead and Oceanside parents interested in Tiferet’s unique educational approach. Obviously, North Woodmere parents will also be thrilled with the location.”

“B’ezrat Hashem, when the facilities welcome all of our new students this coming September 2013, everything will be state-of-the-art and brand new,” said Rabbi Sacks. “We are so thrilled to have a wonderful campus to match the high demand of applicants to Tiferet Academy.”

Contact info@tiferet.org for more information or visit www.tiferet.org for admissions information. v


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