Times Square Kumzits


On October 24, close to 1,000 people gathered in Times Square for a night of unity in memory of R’ Ari Fuld, Hy’d, who was murdered over a year ago. The 10th annual Times Square Kumzitz, run by Yeshiva University’s Israel Club, in partnership with Tani Polansky of TeFEELah Music, was truly an extraordinary success, bringing together Jews of all stripes and others, singing, dancing, and celebrating our faith, our land, and the life of a true hero. This kumzitz was part of a broader mission to bring Tani’s project “TeFEELah”, spreading connection and personal prayer through music, to the broader public.

Tani Polansky performs at Times Square Kumzitz

At 7:30 p.m., Father Duffy Square was filled and a kumzitz, played by Tani Polansky, Isaiah Rappaport, Shlomo Golombeck, Jacob Spadaro, Rabbi Mark Wildes, Dovid Rubin, Mordy Weinstein, and Yosef Wildes was truly uplifting for all. Tani opened the night with inspirational words, “Esa einai el he’harim — I lift my eyes to the mountains! Rabbi Fuld spent his life fighting for those very mountains! And even here from Times Square, we can send our hearts there, and be there in that place.”

The event finished with spirited dancing by DJ Shlomo Golombeck, ending the night on a high. Tanis debut album “TeFEELah” is set to release this April. to check out his music and more inspiring content, head over to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, iHeart, Jewish rock radio, and wherever music is found!



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