OneFamily (, Israel’s only national organization solely dedicated to the rehabilitation of victims of terror attacks and their families, will be hosting a special Tishah B’Av event featuring Naftali Moses, father of Mercaz HaRav massacre victim Avraham David Moses, Hy’d, at the White Shul (Congregation Kneseth Israel) in Far Rockaway.

Following the gruesome homicidal spree by a lone Palestinian gunman at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in March 2008, Naftali Moses penned the inspirational memoir Mourning Under Glass, a description of his experiences dealing with the loss of his 16-year-old son and his struggles with the frustrations of memory and memorial. A resident of Efrat and a professor of Jewish medical ethics, Naftali is regularly invited to speak to groups about living with loss caused by an act of terror.

OneFamily has been a lifeline for the Moses family since the day of the attack, and even provided the financial backing necessary to help Naftali publish his book. Since 2001, OneFamily has distributed over $35 million in direct financial assistance and services to victims of terror. In addition to financial assistance, OneFamily fosters an environment of mutual emotional and psychological support for victims of terror through support groups, retreats, camps, and other innovative programs. For additional information about this event, please contact Michelle: v


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