letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Parents of girls so dear

Chanukah is quite near

Can you lend an ear?

Your precious daughter

Someone’s taught her—

Now’s the time to laud her!

To the mailman, sanitation collector,

Our employees of any sector

Now’s the time we know

Our appreciation we show!

B’H to our son’s rebbe

It’s as normal as can be

To write a note of gratitude

With a positive attitude

And often enclose a gift

But with morahs …we shift

Is there really anything

Different that she does bring?

All the warmth and devotion

Learning she has put in motion

I really do declare

Our morahs who really care

Deserve hakoras hatov

For their efforts and love

So take a pen and card

It’s really not that hard

Please take the time out

Write your girl’s morah a shout out

And a much deserved todah

Will reach every girl’s morah!

Leah Zinner


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