Refugees aboard the St. Louis wait to hear whether Cuba will grant them entry. Off the coast of Havana, Cuba, June 3, 1939. National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland.

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to Joseph Frager for publishing statistics on immigration last week (“Reflections on Immigration to America,” August 2). If there is one thing those numbers demonstrate, it is how generous this nation is regarding permitting people from around the world to immigrate to this country. But it is much more than sad — indeed tragic — to reflect upon in this context the trickle of Jews who were permitted to come here between 1933 and 1940.

Doing simple math, had the one million legal immigrants who were not facing extermination been permitted between those years, and had most of them, due to the notorious and imminent threats to life, been of Jewish origins, the Holocaust would have been averted.

At the time when the Jews desperately needed a loosening of immigration restrictions in this country, an exception was not made for them even though Roosevelt most likely knew that a good many of them or perhaps even more would perish. Today, however, the situation is in reverse: leftist and anarchical forces in this country are seeking to place this great nation in peril of being overrun and destroyed, circumventing the same type of laws that were in place that barred Jews from obtaining asylum.

Dr. Frager aptly mentions the tragedy of the St. Louis, which, alarming even to this day, was forced to make a return voyage to Europe. Within that context we should consider the hordes of illegitimate South American refugees who are clogging up our ports of entries and consuming this nation’s resources while fomenting political upheaval in the process. President Obama, however, was smart — he prevented attention being drawn to these masses by permitting them to illegally cross the border and then, in many cases, they were simply rounded up and returned.

Now it is the court system that is seeking to impede President Trump from protecting this nation’s borders. Where were these judges and all the great justices of the Supreme Court of yesteryear when the St. Louis was refused permission to dock? Did anyone back then, I wonder, even bother to try to bring the case?

Lawrence Kulak



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