Some product designs by Toby Schwartz
Some product designs by Toby Schwartz
Some product designs by Toby Schwartz

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Possessing a highly impressive portfolio representing a variety of industries and clients, Toby Schwartz is an exceptional professional with extensive experience in Web and print design. Upon graduating from Brooklyn College with a degree in art, she began working as a graphic designer for companies large and small. With her rich and extensive background, Toby brings an exciting, innovative, and fresh quality to each project. A graphic artist since 1995, she has worked with numerous illustrators and has garnered acclaim; indeed, her artwork has been showcased. After working for Bertelsmann, one of the world’s most prestigious publishing houses, “I decided to go out on my own. I had been working ever since college,” explains Toby, who possesses a strong work ethic and a passion for art. At first Toby’s home office served as her work base, but as her client roster expanded and evolved, so too did her need for a venue that would meet her professional standards.

“The next step was opening my own business where I could grow,” says Toby. Which is precisely what this multitalented Five Towns resident is doing at her recently opened, beautifully appointed, and conveniently located Cedarhurst office. Blessed with an abundance of creativity, she is committed to her clients and affords each project the signature superb service that is her hallmark. She has conceptualized projects which have fulfilled her clients’ hopes, in keeping with her professional vision. Possessed with the ability to understand the unique needs of each client, Toby truly has raised the bar in graphic design, creating exciting concepts and bringing them to stunning fruition every time.

That she regards her profession as a labor of love is attested to by the meticulous detail, dedication, and passion with which she infuses each endeavor. “I love what I do and I want my clients to be happy,” Toby says. From the consultation to the project’s culmination–and well beyond–Toby Schwartz offers her clients unsurpassed service and breathtaking results. She is the definitive source for all your graphic design needs–your amazing “go-to” talent to grow your business or enhance the bar/bat mitzvah you are planning. Truly, Toby Schwartz does it all, providing world-class graphic design plus a calming presence. Toby will ascertain your needs. A veritable treasure trove of concepts, she is the premier source for logos, giveaways, programs, custom place cards, and promotional products, and she enjoys working with party planners. Plus, she will alleviate any pressure or stress with her delightful personality!

In print, social media, and Web design, as well, Toby’s portfolio speaks for itself. Toby grows ideas into creative, innovative websites, logos, brochures, and print so you can turn your dream into a highly successful business. Exciting and innovative, her graphic artistry and conceptual genius have garnered acclaim from clients and industry colleagues alike.

“I’ve dealt with many graphic designers over the years, and truthfully, no one even comes close to Toby’s talent, raw eye for design, and insane work ethic,” says Jonathan Muller, CEO of “The crazy thing is, designers of her caliber generally do not reside in suburban areas; most people with her level of expertise either work for large companies or are independents in the city. The Five Towns is lucky to have someone at this level in its own backyard. Her ability to understand your vision and translate it (in my case to a website design) into what you actually envision is very rare and is a true talent.

“When we began the process of looking for someone to assist us in a complete Web redesign, we had been through over four competing designers. Toby blew us away with her clean, almost minimalistic design adding to our users’ experience. Her insight into how a user views our pages and how design would impact our users’ experience were not only insightful, but have truly helped us become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States (according to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500). Simple stated, there is no one better. Toby is truly a diamond in the rough.”

Stan Vashovsky, CEO and chairman of the Maler Group, is one of Toby’s many “encore” clients who call her for all of their graphic needs. “Toby is very bright, highly creative, and very easy to work with. She is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who can read my mind and know exactly what I am thinking. She strikes the right balance in every project and she extends herself over and beyond. She designed my website, logo, and brochures and, from my experience, has always been exciting to work with.”

“Working with a graphic artist can be compared to working with a decorator,” says Susan Musselman, another of Toby’s impressive roster of clients. “You want the decorator to understand your tastes and interpret them in your home/office. I have worked with several graphic artists and Toby is one of the most talented, creative, and easiest to work with. Happily, unlike a designer, she does stick to the budget. She tries her best to understand your marketing/advertising needs and set you apart and get you noticed.”

Susan adds, “Toby created my business cards, and one person that I handed them to said, ‘This is the best business card ever; this is wallet-worthy.’ Toby has also created for me brochures, flyers, and is in the process of designing my website. Toby’s rates are very fair and you get more than you pay for.”

Irit Kerstein concurs. “All my experiences working with Toby have been enjoyable. She is an extremely creative and professional graphic designer who offers more than just her time to all her clients. She goes above and beyond, always producing a terrific result. Toby is also conscious of her clients’ wallet and will research many different options before she decides on what is best and makes most sense from a cost perspective while maintaining a high level of creativity.”

“Toby is unique because she can handle all aspects of the design process and adapts to her client’s preferences and tastes without ever compromising the overall feel of a party,” says Tamar Deutsch. “Most importantly, she is a calming influence who always keeps her eye on the ball and is a pleasure to work with.”

For additional information about Toby Schwartz Graphic Design, call 917-848-4748; visit or come in, 121 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. v


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