By Rochelle Maruch Miller

With its recent grand opening in the Five Towns, Today’s Kitchen is fast becoming the premier source for gorgeous and exclusive custom kitchens. Owner Joseph Steinmetz brings over 20 years of experience in both modern and traditional interior design, architecture, and home improvement to his kitchen cabinetry and kitchen design company, which specializes in custom-designed cabinetry.

Characterized by elegant design, expert manufacturing, and superior craftsmanship, Today’s Kitchen specializes in creating beautiful interiors through the art of fine cabinetry. Joseph Steinmetz has been consistently exceeding client expectation with his knowledge, talent, and great style.

Driven by a passion for the relationship between aesthetics and function, Mr. Steinmetz works personally with each client to create sophisticated spaces in the kitchen and home. Above all, the client is the most important element in the Today’s Kitchen process. With highly individualized service as the company’s hallmark, Mr. Steinmetz works to create a unique professional and personal relationship with each client to discern their ideas, style preferences, and needs, so he can deliver a design that is both stunning and functional, reflecting the client’s taste and lifestyle.

Mr. Steinmetz’s commitment to crafting the finest cabinetry is reflected in the detail and quality of his work. Every Today’s Kitchen element is built with premium materials. This attention to detail is the key reason Today’s Kitchen is commissioned by builders, architects, designers, and homeowners in the most beautiful homes.

“What makes Today’s Kitchen unique is that we are not just about selling kitchens,” Mr. Steinmetz explained. “I established my company over two decades ago and have extensive experience and skills in architectural design; in fact, I launched my business after designing apartments for several of my friends.”

At its Brooklyn location, the company soon became the go-to source for exclusive designs, earning Joseph Steinmetz a sterling reputation as a master craftsman and designer. Blessed with an abundance of talent and creativity, he has built a multi-generational client base expanding throughout the tri-state area.

“My customers know that I go the extra mile for them. I listen to everything they have to say and take every aspect of their home and every detail of its architectural structure into account. In addition to designing and crafting beautiful kitchen cabinets, I will also offer design and décor ideas as well as renovation solutions.” He adds, “Often, people are faced with a challenge; their kitchen may be too small or too large. My architectural skills enable me to offer clients solutions to transform any house into a beautiful home that is warm and welcoming. I am very patient and focus on every customer, giving them as much time as they need.”

And lest you harbor the misconception that such exquisite craftsmanship is prohibitively priced, Today’s Kitchen is available to everyone. “We work within the parameters of every budget to make our kitchens accessible,” said Mr. Steinmetz.

With his ever-expanding client base and in response to being inundated with requests from Five Towns, Far Rockaway, and Long Island clients, Today’s Kitchen has relocated to our community. Now in the heart of Cedarhurst, Today’s Kitchen has elicited an enthusiastic response since making the move. For Joseph Steinmetz, the most rewarding aspect of his business is exceeding customer satisfaction for premium quality, service, and integrity. “We stand behind every kitchen and we have numerous referrals from highly satisfied customers. We take care of our clients and eliminate all of the stress and hassle so they can relax and leave everything to us.” He adds, “What I enjoy most is making my customers happy. I appreciate every customer who walks through my door. I never give excuses and I always keep my word, which is why people know they can trust me. I recently received a call from a customer from 15 years ago who told me her kitchen still looks brand-new! We are up to any challenge and can do just about everything to enhance the appearance of your house and raise its value. We can do layout changes, doors–we do it all–and perfectly!”

Today’s Kitchen is located at 202-A Rockaway Turnpike in Cedarhurst. To schedule a consultation, please call 516-371-1100.


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