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“Today’s terrorist attack is a direct result of the Schalit Deal and the release of convicted terrorists from prison. This terrorist saw his brother the murderer become a local hero and released from prison, and then followed in his brother’s footsteps. The Government of Israel, meanwhile, has yet to connect the dots.”

“This murder was avoidable,” says the Almagor Terror Victims Association, and it raises several serious questions.

“How is it that they failed to arrest the terrorist who committed today’s murder despite his publication of incitement and praise of murderers?” asks Almagor Chairman Meir Indor.

“Just two days ago we revealed to the Internal Affairs Committee incitement published on the Internet in Arabic against Jews. The representatives of the Ministry of Justice promised to take action against those publishing this incitement, but nothing happened.”

Indor calls for the immediate arrest of the dozens of individuals known to the ISA (Shin Bet)–most of them released terrorists–who are inciting violence and organizing the ongoing intifada in Jerusalem while residing in the city’s eastern neighborhoods. These people are living examples of the fact that terrorism pays. Many of them use their past as a source of authority in becoming organizers of terrorism and role models to the people and clans around them.
The current wave of violence is an organized campaign orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority and its chairman, precisely as stated by Israel’s prime minister–but the prime minister is not a commentator. His government’s job is not to make declarations, but to take action!

“The brazenness and nerve of these Arab terrorists are a result of the small-mindedness of the Ministry of Justice and the police, which treat them as guilty of disorderly conduct instead of as terrorists,” says Almagor. “The entire government bears responsibility for this state of affairs.”

After such an extended period of intifada violence, it is time for the prime minister to shuffle his cabinet. The prime minister must appoint a new minister of internal security and a new justice minister to replace those who have failed in their duties. We must not make light of Palestinian violence.

The many violent demonstrations that have been met by no Israeli response, due to an ill-advised containment policy, only encourage terrorism and terrorists, as we saw with today’s attack near the light rail station.


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