Todd KaminskyBy Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder
I have worked tirelessly over the last three years in the community and in Albany to deliver for families in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns. I am proud to support my great friend Todd Kaminsky, the only candidate for New York State Assembly that can join me in delivering real results for the community. It is imperative that I have a partner in the assembly who can get things done and help me continue in my mission to ease skyrocketing tuition costs, fix our roads, recover from Sandy, and lower our taxes.
For starters, he will join me and be a leading voice on tuition relief for our struggling parents and families. As a tuition-paying parent, I have worked to provide record amounts of funding to yeshivas and all non-public schools. New York State has an obligation to provide every student with a quality education and parents deserve a choice for their children. As a team representing Far Rockaway and the Five Towns, Todd and I will continue to fight for every penny our families deserve.
For the first time in more than 20 years, Five Towns families will elect a new assemblyman to represent them in Albany. I join Governor Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, and community leaders from across the Five Towns in endorsing Todd Kaminsky to become the next assemblyman.
Kaminsky, 36, already has years of experience as a public servant and an impressive record to accompany that experience. Upon graduating from NYU’s law school, he began work in the Queens District Attorney’s office as a public prosecutor. From there, he moved on to become an assistant United States attorney in New York’s Eastern District, successfully prosecuting con artists, drug kingpins, and corrupt politicians.
Todd was born and raised in the community and now is raising his own family here. He has always shown devotion to his community through volunteer work. Like me, at an early age, Todd learned from his family the importance of giving back to community: his grandparents were local school-board representatives, and his mother and grandmother taught in the local school system. It was no surprise, then, when after Hurricane Sandy, Todd worked tirelessly to direct funds for recovery efforts to schools nearby and held legal clinics for families impacted by the storm. He also raised awareness about some of the hidden dangers of hiring lawyers to fight insurance claims–a problem that affected countless families.
Now, Todd wants to take these passions and experiences and bring them to Albany, where he can continue to work hard on behalf of his fellow community members.
As someone on the front lines of the Sandy relief and recovery efforts, I know that Todd has what it takes to work in the Five Towns for the resources we need, so that homeowners and businesses can rebuild and get back on their feet. It has been two years since Hurricane Sandy devastated our area, and yet there are an alarming number of residents still displaced or in serious debt.
Todd is ready to fix that by supporting the extension of the NY Rising application deadline so that all homeowners have their fair chance to get funding they deserve, by going after insurance companies that have skirted their obligations and refused to pay out claims to policyholders in need, and to make sure that the South Shore is getting every penny it deserves from the federal and state governments.
Todd will also join Legislator Howard Kopel and me to tackle outdated infrastructure, where various problems plagued Nassau County even before Sandy. The 878 (Nassau Expressway) cannot handle traffic on a daily basis, let alone if we need to evacuate again. The crumbling road is often the first to flood during a rainfall and simply unfit to serve as our central roadway into the community. Todd will work with me, the Department of Transportation, and Albany to secure the funding necessary to improve the Nassau Expressway immediately–not in another decade down the road.
Todd is also committed to addressing one of the most important issues that face Five Towns residents today: taxes. The tax burden on our communities has been unfair for far too long. Nassau County has some of the highest property taxes, not just in the state, but in the entire country. More than 60% of property taxes go towards funding our public school districts, Todd will confront the issue head-on by focusing on state education funding. New York State simply does not give our schools the funding they need, meaning we have to make up the difference in property taxes. Many of us also have to pay higher taxes while paying expensive private tuition bills. Todd will fight so that we get the state funding we deserve, so that we stop covering the difference out of our own pockets just to adequately fund such an important component of our communities.
To help boost property values, Todd will also join me in working with Attorney General Schneiderman to pass his proposed legislation on abandoned “zombie” houses, which would hold banks and mortgage lenders accountable for fixing up these properties and help raise property values throughout those neighborhoods.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to the real results, Todd can make a difference on the issues we care about. Todd is prepared to tackle all of them–whether it’s pedestrian safety on our busy, dangerous roads; working with our energy providers to lower utility bills; or making sure our children receive the highest possible quality education. Todd will use his past experiences as a public servant and his passion for his community to make sure that no issue remains unaddressed.
Families that I have spoken to in the Five Towns overwhelmingly support Todd Kaminsky and so do I. He understands our very unique needs and is the only choice to join me in the assembly to continue fighting for you.

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