By A. Schreiber
This may be seen as a peripheral detail in the breaking news this week where ax-wielding terrorists infiltrated a Jerusalem synagogue, killing and injuring innocent men during their prayers. But I want to focus on a CNN headline that stated, “Four Israelis and two Palestinians killed in attack this morning in Jerusalem.” This is not merely a marginal nuance. In many cases, it is the entire story. Despite an issued apology by the CNN news desk, the damage has arguably been done and it is unforgivable.
There are two parallel wars being fought. One battle involves human lives and the suffering of the victims and their families. The media war for the legitimacy of Israel and the unbridled terroristic nature of Hamas, Fatah, and all of its groups and subgroups is what shapes world opinion and will ultimately be the piece in the puzzle that could bring down the face of terror in the Middle East and wherever it exists. The first step towards neutralizing terror is identifying its players and until that has been accomplished, the next steps cannot be taken.
During Operation Protective Edge, CNN and other anti-Israel media outlets committed countless instances of inaccurate reporting. Reports were kept vague so that viewers would have a difficult time distinguishing between the good guys and the bad guys. It certainly is possible that a report is made before all the details of a story are clear. However, CNN or MSNBC have gone out of their way, time and again, to see this as a struggle between two equally guilty parties, or worse, taking on the case of the poor Palestinians who in many instances staged a victimized posture for the cameras only to later reveal that it was all a fake. Ignorance is guilt in these instances as well. I would bet that nine out of ten people who got their news from CNN have no knowledge of a retraction or clarification, because to them it is all the same. News outlets that are responsible for reporting to the world on these matters play a pivotal role in setting the geopolitical battlefield for world opinion. If the call is muffed, that is an egregious and costly error for the innocent parties in this struggle.
Israel is fighting for its existence–to afford its citizens quality of life, to pursue their dreams and ideologies, and make a positive imprint on its society and in the world. Contrary to what our very own president has asserted in the past, Muslims have not built or even contributed to the fabric of American society. That is not to say that there aren’t peace-loving, family-oriented Muslims. Rather, they are not the pivotal contributors to the American dream, built by the founding fathers of the Declaration. They are beneficiaries of America’s freedom while their very own coreligionists are disturbing those dreams and aspirations. That there is an attempt to bring Israel to the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes is to breathe life in the terrorist regimes of ISIS, Hamas, Boko Haram, and Al Nussra. We can’t continue to condemn with one side of the mouth and justify with the other, because those are mutually exclusive sentiments and it sends a weak message to the promulgators of terror in the world that there are no repercussions to their actions.
The true colors of BBC and Al Jazeera are pretty much known to the world. People who tune into these news outlets are looking for a venue through which to indulge their tainted, biased views against Israel. President Bush said after the 9/11 attacks, “You are either with us or against us.” I believe we could direct this selfsame exhortation to the news outlets that for too long have straddled the fence and have failed to choose sides in this struggle. You, too, are either with the war on terror or promoting terror–ask yourselves that question and let the world know the answer so we can part ways and get on with the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which our democracy promises its people.

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