Britain’s Education Secretary Michael Gove on Monday said support for Israel as the Jewish homeland is “common sense”, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported.

After outlining his opposition to boycotts of Israel at an event in north London, he said, “Why shouldn’t you be a Zionist? It’s common sense.”

Gove also said he had previously discussed criticism of Israel with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and praised opposition figures including Gordon Brown and Ed Balls for their pro-Zionist beliefs, The JC said.

Addressing the British government’s pledge to continue funding security at Jewish schools, Gove said, “I made a promise before the election to support the Community Security Trust and pay for the security costs in schools.”

“There is now more capable stewarding at Jewish schools than there has ever been before and it’s for reasons that don’t have to be spelt out,” he said. “It’s tragic. We’ve provided that money and whatever is needed we will provide.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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