Yitzie Scheinman
Yitzie Scheinman
Yitzie Scheinman

DRS High School is proud to announce the selection of valedictorian, salutatorian, and Keter Shem Tov awardee for this year’s graduating class.

Yitzie Scheinman, the valedictorian, is respected by his peers and the DRS staff for his hard work, intelligence, and dedication. He is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist and the winner of a silver medal in the Science Olympiad. As a member of the National Honor Society Achdut Chapter and an honoree at DRS’s Nedivei Lev Service Society induction ceremony, Yitzie epitomizes the balance of strong academics, ethical behavior, and leadership that the Honor Society represents. Yitzie serves as captain of the debate, varsity college bowl, and varsity softball teams and co-captain of the Science Olympiad team. He is also a member of the mock trial and tennis teams and serves as editor-in-chief of the school’s weekly Torah publication. Yitzie has also led the announcer team on DRS’s live broadcast of various sports games. Yitzie is rarely just a participant in an activity; he usually rises to become a leader. Whether it is academics, sports, or working in his shul, Yitzie takes his involvement to the highest level of dedication. Yitzie will be attending Yeshivat Shaalvim next year, followed by the Yeshiva University Honors Program.

Moshe Lonner, the salutatorian, is well known for his exceptional character. He uses his own work ethic and success to help others who struggle academically. By handing out his class notes, he encourages and motivates other students to do better in school. Moshe is captain of the Torah Bowl team and co-captain of the Science Olympiad team. He is in charge of the Kulanu mishmar program at DRS. Perhaps because of his quick wit and strong oratorical skills, Moshe is often asked to speak at DRS public events and gatherings. A member of the National Honor Society Achdut Chapter and an honoree at DRS’s Nedivei Lev Service Society Induction Ceremony, Moshe’s accomplishments speak for themselves. As a finalist in the prestigious Jerusalem Science Contest in astronomy and forensics, Moshe earned third place in the United States and an educational trip to Israel. In his STEM class, Moshe created a sensor device that would recognize the motion of a child who is near a heated stove and sound an alarm. He received several medals on the Science Olympiad team, high scores on the math and debate teams, and recognition in the National Social Studies League, and placed fifth in the Yeshiva University Bekiut Program. Moshe will be attending Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh in Israel next year and then will attend the Yeshiva University Honors Program.

Moishy Rothman was voted by his peers as this year’s Keter Shem Tov awardee. Moishy is gifted with the ability to simplify difficult concepts so they can be easily understood. He tutors younger students in Gemara, while serving as a true role model for them in his zeal and excitement for learning. Moishy participated in the Jerusalem Science Contest in nuclear science and also finished in fourth place among students around the country in Yeshiva University’s National Bekiut program. Moishy demonstrates creative thought in a weekly article that he writes for the DRS Torah publication. His academic record is outstanding and his commitment to his family and community is steadfast. He responds to challenges with a sense of purpose and he tackles obstacles with a strategic plan and much forethought. Above all, Moishy has been a pillar in the DRS beit midrash for his four years at yeshiva, attending and leading night seder every night of the week. Moishy will be attending Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh next year and then the Yeshiva University Honors Program. v


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