About two years ago I sent in a small write up on a new online learning program called Torah Alive In 5. Just to refresh your memory, Torah Alive In 5 is a learning program that sends short 5 minute audio classes directly to people’s email. Although it seems pretty simple, as well as something that many Rabbis send their students or congregants, Torah Alive In 5 is a bit more advanced. You see, the entire program was made to personalize each subscriber’s learning experience. Not only are there tons of topics to choose from, catering to different tastes and goals in learning, but one can also make their own personal schedule through this program. So if Reuvein wants Pirkei Avos on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Friday, and Shimon wants the same series just on Mondays, then that’s when they get it. It’s not a subscription where you join the series where it’s up to; you get what class you want, when you want it! All the subscriber needs to do is open up their inbox in the morning and click on the link or attachment to listen.

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Rabbi Dani Kunstler, the founder of this unique program, told me it all started over the phone with one talmid in America (Rabbi Kunstler lives in Israel) asking him how he can get more learning in his day if he doesn’t have the time or energy for it. Rabbi Kunstler started sending him 5-minute Gemara audio recordings, and before he knew it there were thirty people receiving it daily. Then a shul joined together for a collective Yahrtzeit siyum, finishing Maseches Taanis in 5-minute increments. Fast forward a few years and now you have a few hundred subscribers receiving classes from a wide spectrum of topics from amazing lecturers. Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky gives over Mesillas Yesharim, Rabbi Dovid Kaplan says on the Parsha, and Mrs. Dinah Schoonmaker appeals to the girls with her Emunah for Women series (this summer the program will be releasing Mrs. Schoonmaker’s Tzniyus and dating series). Rabbi Ilan Ginian, author of The Navi Journey, gives over a series on the entire Neviim Rishonim, while Rosh Kollel and Rosh Kehilla in Yerushalayim, Rabbi Eli Marburger, says over the Hilchos Shabbos series. Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein and Charlie Harary have allowed Rabbi Kunstler to use the audio of their short YouTube videos, and Rabbi Kunstler, a Rebbe in Yeshiva Torat Shraga, gives over some of the topics himself, like Pirkei Avos, Shabbos Topics, and Chumash related topics. There’s also Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Gemara, Mishnayos, and Tefilla, to name a few more.

The amazing thing is Rabbi Kunstler keeps adding more classes. Besides for the two new series mentioned before on Tzniyus and dating, Igeres Haramban by Reb Gav Friedman, a world renowned AISH lecturer, topics like Ahavas Chessed, Nesivos Shalom on Pirkei Avos, more classes on Emunah (you can never have enough Emunah), and an entire list I can’t even remember, are also in the works.
The program started slowly, but has recently gotten a huge PR boost. Besides for being showcased in Agudath Israel’s New Initiatives program last year, as well as a write up in YWN and a few other publications, Mishpacha magazine featured a three-page article on Rabbi Kunstler’s program, which generated a lot of interest and subscribers. Torah Alive In 5 was also introduced to over 700 seminary girls and Yeshiva guys on the verge of returning home after their year in Israel. One of the features of the program offers the seminaries and Yeshivas to have their own Rabbeim and teachers give classes exclusively for their own students through the program. This gives these students the opportunity to continue listening to their favorite teachers throughout the year.
Rabbi Kunstler has gotten amazing feedback since starting this program. One subscriber finished all three Masechtas the program offers, the first siyumim he has ever made in his life, while others had not had any serious learning in their day for quite some time till they came across Torah Alive In 5. While presenting the program to a certain seminary this past May, the Rabbi who heads the seminary suddenly got up in front of everyone, gave Rabbi Kunstler a hug and called him a malach from Shamayim for starting this program and helping him continue the growth of his girls. A group of women use Torah Alive In 5 to learn about Emunah for a 40-day segulah to help their single friends find a shidduch. “I’m thrilled people are finding different ways to utilize this program for their Avodas Hashem”, says Rabbi Kunstler.
Torah Alive In 5 has two options for the basic subscriber: FREE or VIP. The FREE option allows you a 30-day trial with access to limited classes, but without scheduling. The VIP option is $5 a month or $50 for the year, with unlimited access to classes and scheduling. If you think about it, it’s about $4 a month to get amazing Torah classes of your choice in your inbox! If you’d ask me, I’d say that’s not a lot of money, and that’s money well spent.

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Go to www.TorahAliveIn5.com and see what everyone is signing on to.


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