Sefer Torah - Fuchs IMG_6845 Sefer Torah - Fuchs IMG_6850This past Sunday was a memorable day for our family! We made a hachnasas sefer Torah that will not be forgotten. As we danced with this new Torah, paid for by the shidduchim that Tova and I made, the streets were full of men, women, and children–singing, dancing, and waving flags to celebrate this occasion.

As we turned the corner of Sutton Place my brother, Gadi Fuchs; my father, Berish Fuchs; and my father-in-law, Sammy Fuhrer went into a house and came out each holding their own sefer Torah that my wife Tova and I gave to them.

Imagine the scene in middle of the street, dancing with four sifrei Torah on a Sunday afternoon, all paid for with money from the 45 shidduchim we made. It was hard to put into words the feeling of hakaras ha’tov we have to Hashem that He let us be his partner 45 times in making shidduchim. We must have over 100 god-children by now and hope to have many more. Thank-you to everyone who came and made it even more memorable.

Shabse and Tova Fuchs


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