x8Ten thousand fans on Facebook just from word-of-mouth! Why the cult following? What is it about Tori Wigs that has customers flying in from all over the world just to purchase a wig? How has it become such a must for brides?

Companies all over, trying to duplicate this level of customer devotion, have been calling Tovi and Rivi for media tips. They always answer, “We just give the customer what we would want if it was us.”

Tovi and Rivi, co-owners of Tori Wigs, decided to take customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Instead of just promising a vague “you’ll be happy, don’t worry, we stand behind our product,” they decided to put every policy they offer on a legal document: the receipt! This way, people are truly confident they can get a “custom wig experience” with the following ten policies that distinguish Tori Wigs in the wig industry:

1) The option to exchange for a full 30 days after purchase, even after the wig is cut! No questions asked. This is honored even if the wig was cut in a style the client requested. Brides especially are flocking in from all over because they generally purchase a weekday wig, Shabbat wig, and a bandfall and love the fact that they can exchange for a month. They simply don’t know what will work for them until they’ve owned the wig a while.

2) The ultimate in top quality hair. Tovi and Rivi source out hand selected, exquisite hair for every wig. People love the fact that Tori sells only the finest hair.

3) The fact that the wig can be cut before purchase alleviates all tension associated with purchasing a new wig. The level of trust this creates is exceptional. Most customers return with friends when they realize the level of customer service Tori will provide.

4) All staff at Tori are trained to offer assistance but zero sales pressure. The experience feels fun as opposed to scary.

5) The additional six-month guarantee on quality is incredible and unusual in the industry as well.

6) People also love the fact that Tori doesn’t “nickel and dime” its customers. They include “touching up the cut” whenever the customer likes. If, for example, a customer can’t come in for a few weeks, they can stop by whenever they can make it and recut the wig without a further charge.

7) Tori also includes customizing fit and adding baby hairs, etc. The price given includes all customizing; there are no surprises.

8) The level of expertise. All staff is trained in the latest cutting techniques so that customers can be sure they will walk out with a sharp, current look. Staff is also educated on face shape so that they can guide the customer to their best look.

9) Customers appreciate that the same stylists writing “Tori Tips” in popular fashion magazines are personally working on them. A great wig needs a great cut.

10) Tori is extremely well stocked in various textures and colors of hair. Women that usually have to custom order have a great chance of finding their exact specifications right then and there. From silky straight, bouncy with body, all the way to super curly, they have a huge selection. Customers are so excited over the ability to hand-select the exact wig they like instead of ordering it and hoping for the best. The selection of textures they carry is massive. If you meet a girl with a Tori wig on the street, it isn’t indicative of all Tori wigs. Every Tori is custom selected for the client and as such is unique.

How did Tori Wigs come about? When Tovi Vinitzky and Rivi Edelman discussed opening the store, they realized that they had to try something new and different. This was because they are both “people pleasers” so the pressure of selling a wig and cutting it after the sale did not appeal to them. With the idea of cutting before purchase came the chance to show people what they were getting in a relaxed, fun environment. Imagine cutting your hair knowing you can change your mind after the cut is done! How much more amazing is the experience when purchasing a wig. It made coming to work much more fun for both Tovi and Rivi as well! Most customers become friends because the environment is so laid back and friendly.

If you need personal attention or if you’re a kallah, appointments are recommended. If you would just like to see the hundreds of ready wigs that Tori has available, stop by anytime! Tovi, Rivi, and all the staff would love to meet you!

Tori wigs is a high-end boutique located at 2953 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. They are open 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Call 718-998-6749 to learn more. Check out actual customer cuts at toriwigs.com. Join their 10,000 FB fans for exclusive promotions. v


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