By Rochelle Miller

Talia Rapps is a visionary. Personable, unpretentious, and possessed with an abundance of positivity, her passion for life is infectious. I first had the pleasure of meeting Talia several years ago, while on assignment for another story for the 5TJT, and I was impressed by her sense of empathy and sensitivity toward others. As I got to know her, I learned that it has always been Talia’s mission to help people at different junctures of their lives. She has used her social work certification to involve herself in public relations, community work, and marketing in healthcare for over ten years.

For the last seven years, she has been recruiting talent in the healthcare arena and officially incorporated her company in the last three years, known as Tal Connections LLC, where she has implemented these skills to place high level candidates in healthcare positions. She also works as the patient care director at Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, where she works with families and patients in both the facility and local hospitals in New York City and Nassau County. Through all of her endeavors, Talia remains true to her objective of seeking opportunities to inspire hope and empowerment.

Now Talia is on a quest to change the way women look and feel about themselves. She believes it is her destiny to create the Total Revolution Conference, a nonprofit organization with the objective of disseminating love and unity among Jewish women worldwide. Talia believes  that “all true connection stems from being honest and real with ourselves and others.”

Total Revolution Conferences are opportunities for Jewish women to unite in a spiritual community that will provide them with a deeper connection with themselves and others. In an era in which we are experiencing the insidious spread of antisemitism, Talia believes more than ever that emunah sheleimah, a deep sense of belonging to each other and our Jewish roots, is what is needed at this time.

As director of operations, Rena Chill has been key to orchestrating the Total Revolution Conference into fruition. She is a passionate, energetic, and determined woman who devotes her spare time to her family and to her community. A licensed realtor, Rena works in sales and recruiting, as well as strategic marketing for Realty Connect USA. She is also dual certified in special and general education and enjoys creating classroom structure and fun and exciting lesson plans, and helping individuals succeed in their learning. Additionally, she has spent the past nine years mentoring teachers and spreading love and creativity into the classroom as well.

Rena is a gifted artist and also known for her organizational skills. She works hard to help people live their best lives, hoping to inspire and motivate others by showing how anything can be accomplished through diligent effort and dedication, even with a houseful of children and the constant demand that child-rearing entails. She says her greatest accomplishment and personal motivation are her five children. Rena’s ability to maintain a healthy balance with her home life is one of the most amazing things about her. Rena and Talia are two of the hundreds of extraordinary women who will connect, encourage, support, and celebrate one another on that enchanted evening of sisterhood.

The Total Revolution Conference is an exciting, energizing, and exclusively for-women, by-women event whose purpose is to unite and connect women in order to encourage, strengthen, support, and learn from each other and provide a community and support system for each participant.

Featuring a stellar program, the conference, which will be held between 5 and 10 p.m. on Sunday, March 22 at the Hilton New York JFK Airport, has been generating excitement for the past few months and with good reason. The entire program has been planned to perfection, thereby ensuring each guest a fabulous, fun-filled evening of festivities and the ideal venue to unmask her inner beauty and strength and celebrate her own remarkable and unique achievements. Truly, every Jewish woman is extraordinary in her own right and she is cause for celebration.

Working in tandem with a superb staff of 31 professionals, each one an expert in her field of specialty, Talia is the creative force behind the concept of the Total Revolution Conference — celebrating the extraordinary “everyday” woman and encouraging her empowerment and growth. The conference features the butterfly as its logo, while the insightful and thought-provoking panel discussions are divided into two parts: “Emerge” and “Arise,” reflecting the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

By all indications, this promises to be an unprecedented event, with an anticipated sell-out response. Program highlights include the incomparable and delightful Elizabeth Savetsky as keynote speaker, the aforementioned panel discussions featuring noted rebbetzins and other eminent participants, stories, high-energy dancing, world-class cuisine, great camaraderie, and a plethora of BFFs — old and new! Early reservations are highly recommended; VIP opportunities are available.

“This conference is all about spreading love amongst Jewish women worldwide but on a real and deep level,” said Talia. “We want to highlight the everyday extraordinary woman just as she is. We want to create a connection between women and themselves and women with each other. This evening will be dedicated to reminding and showing women that we are part of the greatest sisterhood around. We are all on this journey together and we can help each other and grow ourselves and each other together. There will be inspirational and motivational conversations to help each woman recognize just how beautiful she really is; there will be an incredible vendors’ market showcasing women vendors. We will be enjoying a delicious gourmet dinner, a VIP experience, and an opportunity to get up close and personal with some truly influential leaders within their communities. And we will end the night dancing with an incredible DJ and music party. This is a night for all women to get together and just have the best time with their friends. We are not here to impress; we are here to improve. We will come in as friends and leave as sisters. Connections will help us grow!”

Follow the latest TR updates on Instagram at @thetotalrevolutionconference. Click here to purchase tickets, VIP options, or for other information. Circle the date — and come celebrate!

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative media consultant, lecturer, and educator, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments at


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