Today  was  a tough  day.  Yesterday we  heard of the first soldier killed, then five.

Today, another thirteen. – and  we all pray  they will be the  last, but we fear…Precious,  precious  souls. Families that will never be the same.

I keep thinking  about how our  leaders  made  every mistake possible that ensured  that we  come to where  we  are  today.

This is the third  bloody time (since the  expulsion of nine thousand brave Jewish  patriots in Gush  Katif in 2005), that  we  have  asked our finest young men to risk life  and limb in Gaza in order to,,,it really is not  very clear anymore. For another  period of  relative quiet  until Hamas decides it is time  for a fourth  round?

I can just hear the  haughty guarantees given us, that we  are buying  peace  and quiet with the expulsions  and surrender of  2005…Just rely  on them..and Peres and  Rabin  before Sharon. It is maddening. And not one of these know it alls, have  admitted to any mistakes – not one.

This  afternoon  traffic was  stopped on a main street  for  an hour as a major shopping mall was evacuated due to a bomb scare – a suspicious  object was left in a  shop. That  is all it takes to ruin the day for thousands of Israelis. Another small “price of peace” as Peres, the  high priest of national delusion,  coined it.

Interesting  how in Ramallah they never  pay these  small prices  for peace..Never a suspicious object in their  malls.

As I was shopping in that same mall, before we were all rushed out of the complex, I  parted with a salesperson  with the common wish expressed  these days, “may  our boys be safe  and may the enemy be crushed” I could  see that she wanted  so  much to answer with a solid Amen! but I noticed how she caught herself, looked over her shoulder to the  two Arab co workers and then muffled a tiny amen and lowered her head with a look that if captured on film could  be the  perfect cover of a book entitled “The price of Peace”



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