Dr. Sabra Brock
Dr. Sabra Brock
Dr. Sabra Brock

Graduate School of Business Dean Examines Marketing and Education Trends in New Book Published by Touro College Press. In the last decade, both education and marketing have been transformed by significant changes brought about by technology and globalization. Attention spans have been shortened due to the accelerated delivery of information. A new global cyber-culture has emerged. Social networking sites have changed how we get information. The Web and mobile apps have emerged as major players in both fields.

Prominent educator Dr. Sabra Brock has skillfully examined the foundations of these transformations and written about the emerging trends in marketing and post-secondary education in her new book, At the Intersection of Education, Marketing, and Transformation, which has just been published by Touro College Press. The volume is a collection of pieces authored and coauthored by Dr. Brock, who serves as interim dean at the Touro Graduate School of Business.

“The publication of this volume of essays by Dr. Sabra Brock marks a milestone in the development of Touro College Press, as it expands its offerings to include diverse disciplines beyond its established specialization in Jewish Studies,” said Dr. Alan Kadish, president and CEO of the Touro College and University System. “We are privileged to present this masterfully written and meticulously researched book as the first product of this new effort.”

The articles provide significant insights for educators and educational administrators, as well as business practitioners, especially marketers. The volume is available at the website of Academic Studies Press (www.academicstudiespress.com), which serves as printer and distributor for Touro College Press.

“Dr. Brock is able to combine her professional experiences and research across disciplines with original thinking and analysis,” said Amy Lui Abel, Ph.D., director of human capital research at The Conference Board. “This book offers the fields of education and marketing new insights that she has elegantly woven together with a fresh perspective.”

Dr. Brock has spent a lifetime in the fields of education and marketing. Armed with an M.S. degree in advertising from Northwestern University, she first worked on Madison Avenue in the heart of New York City’s advertising capital. She also provided education and training for Citicorp, Colgate-Palmolive, and Verizon, to name a few. After decades of teaching, she returned to school for a Ph.D. in business education at New York University. For her dissertation, she studied what fosters transformative learning in undergraduate business students. Dr. Brock continues to expand that research today to other student populations, including students at the Touro Graduate School of Business.

Shelley Berkley to Head the Western Division. Shelley Berkley, a former Nevada congresswoman, has been appointed CEO and Senior Provost of Touro’s Western Division. She will take the helm of both the Nevada and California campuses.

“The Touro College and University System is an institution that has experienced incredible growth and success over the past four decades and the appointment of Shelley Berkley, a person of national stature, is a reflection of that achievement,” said Dr. Alan Kadish. “She is an accomplished professional, visionary, humanitarian, and leader who has nobly served her country and state. We look forward to her building upon the great successes we’ve enjoyed in Touro’s Western Division and the Touro System as a whole.”

A 50-year resident of southern Nevada, Berkley was the first person in her family to attend college. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a degree in political science and received her juris doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law. Prior to her political career, she served as an attorney for the Nevada State Commerce Department, in-house counsel for Southwest Gas Corporation, and Vice President for Government and Legal Affairs for the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.

Berkley was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1998 and represented Nevada’s first Congressional District from 1999 to 2013. She was the first woman to serve the district, and held the position for seven terms. Prior to her election to Congress, she served as a member of the Nevada State System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents for eight years, and previously served in the Nevada State Legislature. Her distinguished record of achievements and her national prominence make her perfectly suited to take on this esteemed role.

During Berkley’s 14 years in Congress, she served on the Transportation Committee, Small Business Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Ways and Means Committee. Berkley earned the title of “hardest working woman in politics” for her tireless work on issues including job creation, healthcare, and renewable energy. She also was a champion for veterans, seniors, immigration reform, and human rights. Among her most proud accomplishments was leading the efforts to construct the new Veterans Administration medical complex in southern Nevada and working with the California congressional delegation on important issues like protecting Lake Tahoe in northern California and supporting tourism in both states. While serving as a Regent, she dedicated herself to numerous causes including keeping tuition costs low and creating a new law school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“I have spent my entire career dedicated to issues related to education and healthcare and am honored to have been given this remarkable opportunity to lead Touro’s Western Division,” said Shelley Berkley. “As a congresswoman and a longtime resident of southern Nevada, I am well aware of the Touro College and University System locally, in California, and nationally. I share Touro’s commitment to improve the quality of education worldwide and look forward to working with the dynamic faculty, staff and students on the Nevada and California campuses to help educate the next generation of healthcare and education professionals.”

The former U.S. representative will replace Dr. Michael Harter in the position beginning in January 2014. Joining Touro University Nevada at its inception in 2004, Dr. Harter’s dynamic leadership led to the creation of six new schools in a five-year period. In 2008, he was named senior provost and chief executive officer of the Western Division. Dr. Harter’s leadership has been instrumental in establishing both campuses as leading academic institutions for health sciences and education.

“Having seen Shelley’s leadership at a state and federal level for the past 19 years, I am delighted with her appointment as my replacement and am confident that she will successfully build on the programs we’ve established,” said Harter. “Her understanding of Nevada and California will catapult the two campuses and the entire Touro system to the next level of national prominence.”

Berkley’s appointment was approved by the Touro College and University System Board of Directors earlier this month. “The selection of Shelley Berkley is yet another stellar appointment to the Touro College and University System,” said Dr. Mark Hasten, chairman of the board. “On behalf of the entire Board, we welcome her to Touro and look forward with great anticipation to her leadership and commitment to help us achieve our lofty but noble goals of service, leadership and teaching.”

Touro Fosters Strong Bonds with NCSY through Students’ Continued Involvement. Eli Weinstein attended his first National Conference of Synagogue Youth program when he was in seventh grade. The program made a big impact on his life, “creating a love and excitement about Judaism,” according to the Lander College for Men senior. The program made such an impact that he wanted to give back.

Today, he is an advisor to high school students, chaperoning and creating programs at regional Shabbatons. A student at Touro College, he credits the youth program with giving his father a more religious grounding, and hence changing his family’s direction.

“My family wouldn’t be religious without NCSY, and I felt I should give back,” says the psychology major. “It’s important to help the next generation to have an understanding and an excitement about Judaism.”

Weinstein is not alone among his fellow Touro students. Hundreds of NCSYers matriculate throughout the university system, and many feel a need to give their time and energy to the organization. Their continued involvement is a natural one in the longstanding relationship between the college and the Orthodox Union’s youth program.

The roots of that connection are deep. Dr. Bernard Lander, the founder of Touro College, was a driving force behind NCSY, which was founded in 1954. The organization has been giving scholarships since 1974 to promising NCSY participants to attend the college.

Dr. David Luchins, the chair and founding dean of the political science department at Lander College for Women—The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, is also a senior national vice-president of the Orthodox Union and annually chairs the NCSY Ben Zakkai Honor Society reception with his wife, Vivian. Rabbi Moshe Krupka, the executive vice president and ombudsman at Touro, served as regional director of NCSY and in other high-level positions with the organization for two decades, including as national executive director of the Orthodox Union, the parent organization of NCSY.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that helps put Touro on the radar of prospective students who see the college-age advisors as role models to emulate, according to Luchins, “It makes it more likely a student will apply, and that’s a side benefit to Touro.”

The main benefit, however, is to the student advisors, who “hone their leadership skills and get a sense of being part of a larger community,” says Luchins. “They derive a sense of responsibility to give back by mentoring other NCSYers.”

Rabbi Micah Greenland, international director of NCSY, would agree. Students gain powerful leadership experience by serving as advisors, he says, while providing younger students with role models to emulate.

“It’s a natural partnership,” he said of the bond between Touro and NCSY. “The Lander colleges can be an outstanding destination for our graduates, where the inspiration they feel in NCSY can be actualized through a university environment where they pursue a quality academic program in a Jewishly growth-oriented atmosphere. And it goes the other way, as well.”

As Luchins points out, NCSYers fill the leadership ranks at the Lander colleges, which include Lander College for Men, Lander College for Women, and Lander College of Arts and Sciences, where Bari Fuchs, a psychology major, attends. A recipient of a Touro scholarship through NCSY’s Ben Zakkai Honor Society, Fuchs was president of the organization’s New York region when she was in high school. Today she serves as an advisor to NCSY participants in Portland, Oregon, where there isn’t any yeshiva and most of the students attend public schools. “All the teens genuinely want to learn about Judaism, which is pretty cool,” says Fuchs. “I love it, honestly.”

Fuchs says she draws as much from her experience as an advisor as she gives to it. Seeing students from less observant backgrounds grow more religious is gratifying to her and something she understands from personal experience.

Watching high schools students come into their own has been gratifying for Shira Prero, a senior at LCW from Chicago. Prero did not spend her high school years in NCSY, but she has made up for it since, serving as an advisor on NCSY Give, a summer travel program for girls, and as an assistant director for NCSY’s Jolt–Jewish Overseas Leadership Training–program. Now she serves as regional advisor to the Midwest region.

During her stints in the NCSY summer programs, she has seen that if a participant likes his or her advisor, they are usually curious about the advisor’s college. The next thing they want to do is come to an open house, she says. “It’s a loving, caring community,” she says. “Being a part of it helps me give back to Touro.” v

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