The Touro College School of Health Sciences’ Doctor of Physical Therapy program held its annual white-coat ceremonies in October at the Manhattan and Bay Shore campuses. The ceremonies marked the transition for the DPT Class of 2016 from the classroom to the clinic, as students were about to embark on their first clinical experiences after spending three semesters in the classroom.

The white coat is a symbol of the students’ commitment to professionalism and humanistic values. During the ceremonies, 34 students from the Manhattan campus and 35 students from the Bay Shore campus recited the pledge of physical therapy as a public acknowledgment affirming their commitment to ethical and honorable behavior and willingness to assume such obligations.

Department Chair Dr. Jill Horbacewicz told the students assembled, “As doctors of physical therapy, you will have the ability to touch the lives of those around you–both literally and figuratively. This is a responsibility that you need to take seriously. Even if you work in a place where physical therapists do not wear white coats, you will still be wearing the coat of professionalism and excellence when you are treating your patients, restoring their function and improving their quality of life.”


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