Dr. Alan Kadish, president and CEO of the Touro College and University System, addressed students at the recent annual National NCSY yarchei kallah program. Touro’s three undergraduate schools, the Lander Colleges, were involved in many aspects of the five-day program for Jewish high-school students across North America.

Dr. Kadish spoke at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck, NJ, during a luncheon sponsored by Lander College. Lander College for Women—The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School (LCW) Student Government President Tehillah Green of Silver Spring, Maryland, introduced Dr. Kadish.

Faculty and advisors from Lander College led workshops during the first three days of the program, which was held at the Stamford Hilton in Stamford, Connecticut. Lander College sponsored a learning program called, “People of the Book: Taking Ownership of Your Jewish Learning,” in which several essential Jewish texts were introduced and explained; Lander College presented each participant with two sefarim. Dr. David Luchins, founding dean and chair of the political science department, and Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, assistant mashgiach ruchani and assistant professor of Jewish studies, both of LCW, participated in a panel entitled, “Asei Lecha Rav: How a Rebbe Can Change Your Life.”

The annual yarchei kallah program provides public-school teens with an opportunity to learn about Torah and Jewish values during their winter break. Students from across the United States and Canada gather for five days of intense Torah study and exciting educational presentations. The program affords teens the chance to wholly devote themselves to learning and spiritual growth, as well as meet and bond with other public school students who are similarly committed to exploring their Jewish identity with world-renowned rabbis and educators. v


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