A controversial Twitter trend featuring the unprecedented use of the swastika as a typewritten character has erupted on the social network.

“#卐卐卐” emerged as a popular phrase on the social network site in several countries and snowballed into a phenomenon. Analysis of the hashtagged phrase yielded 63,537 mentions on Twitter on Sunday alone.

Jewish groups told The Times of Israel they were outraged by the phenomenon, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center said it would seek to have the symbol barred from Twitter.

A host of messages including overtly anti-Semitic and White Supremacist statements tagged with #卐卐卐 gained broad publicity on the social network. Some messages employed wordplay to make light of the Holocaust and the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Others endorsed the murder of Jews or mimicked themes associated with Germany’s National Socialist party.

Sieg Heils accompanied by the hakenkreuz piled up.

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