By Rochelle Maruch Miller

That Tri-State Awnings has built a solid customer base spanning the five boroughs, Long Island, Lakewood, and beyond is not surprising. Since its inception 13 years ago, the company has earned a sterling reputation for raising the bar in customer service, quality, and integrity. “We answer to a Higher Authority,” Mr. Lichtman, the company’s president declares, a fact that is attested to by Tri-State’s dealings on a daily basis.

It all began one Sukkos when Mr. Lichtman overheard a young man lamenting the fact that he had purchased an awning for his sukkah at an exorbitant amount, but when service was required, there was no one to turn to. The man bemoaned the lack of any reputable awning company within the community. Rising to the challenge, Mr. Lichtman founded Tri-State Awnings, and therein lies the story.

Among the unique aspects of the business are its signature service and standards of excellence. “We import our fabrics from Italy and we make all of our own designs to fit the needs of the heimishe community,” Mr. Lichtman explains. “We double-coat both the top and bottom parts of our vinyl awnings to afford maximum protection. Because of the quality components we use, our awnings roll up more easily than other roll-up awnings on the market.”

Key to what sets Tri-State Awnings apart from the rest is the fact that they use their sukkah awnings and other products. Mr. Lichtman is the definitive source of all things awning-related. In his dual capacities of both president of Tri-State Awnings as well as a consumer who uses his own products, he is keenly attuned to all of our needs and shares our high standards for a strong, durable, and attractive sukkah awnings. Which is precisely why their sukkah awnings are designed to withstand high winds, an important feature, considering the fact that Sukkos coincides with the hurricane season.

Clearly the awnings source of choice of savvy shoppers, Tri-State Awnings has the perfect awning to suit your lifestyle. Summertime and the living is easy–if you’d like to take refuge in the shade and avoid harmful UV, perhaps an acrylic fabric might be a good option for you, installed in a retractable awning, made for sun shade only. If you are looking for durability in a fabric that will stand up to extreme weather, you could select vinyl. Whatever fabric and awning style you choose, be assured that Tri-State stands proudly behind every product they sell. Indeed, they are frequently called to fix other company’s mistakes!

Mr. Lichtman is a veritable expert at finding solutions to problems, even to situations that others have described as being impossible. He and his staff will meet any challenge, orchestrating the solution to perfection. From odd-shaped decks to other seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Tri-State Awnings has the perfect solution. You’ll find retractable awnings that will have you laugh at the rain as well as expert advice on how to maintain your awning.

Several years ago, a major hotel contacted Tri-State Awnings after Sukkos. The weather had been highly unsettled that year with a constant threat of rain. On the first night of Sukkos, the table had been set for all the guests in the sukkah and at the beginning of the meal, it began pouring! The existing awning had not been purchased at Tri-State Awnings, and could not withstand the heavy rain and gusty winds. The meal was quickly set up in the dining room–and then the rain ceased, albeit temporarily. By evening’s end, the settings and meal had been relocated several times, much to the chagrin of guests and staff. The guests were drenched and the food ruined at a major financial loss to the hotel’s owners. The huge awning had failed and was not functional. Immediately after yom tov, the hotel’s owner called Mr. Lichtman and ordered a new sukkah awning. Needless to say, he was delighted with the results, through high winds and heavy downpours!

When you purchase your awning from Tri-State Awnings, you are buying a high-quality product that will afford you many years of satisfaction. We, together with our families, put a great deal of love, effort, and time into preparing for Sukkos and in building and decorating our sukkahs, as we do in performing every mitzvah. A sukkah awning from Tri-State will protect your sukkah from inclement weather. v


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