The coldest air in two years has seized the tri-state area — and subzero wind chills are making it feel more like the Arctic Tundra outside than the milder wintry temperatures to which New Yorkers have recently grown accustomed.

Residents north and west of the city woke up to temperatures below zero Wednesday morning, a day after the deep freeze descended on the region. Forecasters say the peak of the “cold wave” hit overnight Tuesday as base temperatures plunged into the lower single digits throughout most of the area, but the stinging wind chills won’t offer much reprieve as temperatures slowly creep up into the low-to-mid teens.

Though this nasty punch of cold weather likely feels as if it must be a record chill, forecasters say temperatures aren’t expected to get anywhere close to record cold. Record lows for this time of year are zero degrees or below in the city, and base temperatures this week aren’t expected to fall below the teens.

Forecasters expect day temperatures to linger in the mid 20s through the rest of the week, with overnight temperatures dropping lower.

Such temperatures can be dangerous, so tri-state residents are advised to heed certain cold weather tips, including wearing mittens, which keep extremities warmer than gloves, covering one’s mouth to protect the lungs from the bitter cold air, layering loose-fitting, warm clothing and wearing a hat, because 40 percent of heat is lost through the head, Storm Team 4 says.

Storm Team 4 is tracking another winter storm later in the week that could bring rain, snow or both forms of precipitation depending on track and temperatures. At this point, forecasters say there’s a chance for at least a few inches of snow accumulation in and around the city late Friday into early Saturday.


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