By Larry Gordon

Things are spinning out of control in parts of the Middle East beyond Gaza.  The Yazidi’s along with Christians have taken refuge on an Iraqi mountain as the ISIS forces (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are closing in aiming to slaughter all 40,000 there.  The aim of these radical Islamists is to murder anyone who does not believe as they do.

The Yazids are Moslems whose beliefs are slightly different than the quacks in ISIS.  They believe in one God but also believe that God created the world under the guidance of seven holy beings or angels.  ISIS fighters on a drive throughout Iraq to set up a caliphate in their own image are on the move with no army in the region powerful enough to counter them.

Pressure is mounting on the Obama administration to order air strikes to protect those holed up on the mountain from the advancing ISIS troops.  Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today that there is a humanitarian catastrophe evolving there and the US is considering airstrikes against ISIS in order to save the Yazidi’s and Christians.

In the event that Mr. Obama orders the strikes we hope that the US does their utmost to prevent innocent Iraqi’s for being hurt or killed.  Hopefully the lifesaving bombing runs against the terrorists will be pinpoint strikes and destroy their intended targets without any off course shelling or bombing.

We hope that the US will be able to drop leaflets in the area that they will be bombing in order to warn innocent civilians to leave. The US will also hopefully be calling the cell phones of the terrorists and their families to warn them to leave before the bombing begins.  Unnecessary damage and casualties will on clog up the calendar at the International Court with more war crimes allegations.

Let’s go America.  Let’s get these guys.  


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