By Larry Gordon

Donald Trump was a very good president.  Joe Biden—as you have seen and experienced—is a walking, talking political horror show.

This is just an opinion of one person sitting at a computer keyboard.  The few people, who I know that virulently opposed anything Trump and supported Mr. Biden, now hem and haw when they are asked if they are pleased with their choice.  They are reluctant to say they made a poor choice.

Of course this is a much broader discussion and indeed Mr. Trump was ultimately responsible for his loss on multiple levels. At the same time it just might be cathartic for the country to have to experience the Biden presidency so that eventually we might be able to appreciate what we once had, the possibilities of America and the promise of a better future over the near term.

That said, I don’t think it is smart or good for Mr. Trump to once again seek the presidency in 2024.  It is akin to perhaps desiring to see the Knicks in the NBA playoffs once again even though they will not be successful.

But that is not the problem with a revisited Trump presidential campaign.  It is understandable that Trump wants to get out there and defeat Biden (if he unlikely runs again) or whomever the Democrats install as their next candidate for president.  The country does not need that kind of knock down—dragged out kind of campaign laced with or dominated by anger and personal vendetta.  Trump is angry about what happened in 2020 and most Democrats are angry about their mostly failed policies and agenda and still blame Trump for their costly missteps.

But 2024 is a bit off in the distance still but still there has been some rumblings from the Trump camp to remind us—in case we forgot—about how Trump’s heart might be in the right place but his thought process is not always naturally coordinated with his proper emotions and attitudes.

Last week excerpts of a book written by Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, “Trumps Peace,” that plumbs the depths of the innovative Abraham Accords and how those agreements between Israel and several gulf states has changed the face of the Middle East.

But the things that Trump said that made it into the headlines quite naturally does not reflect well on the former president and of course, that is the modern day intent of mostly mainstream news.

One of the unfortunate mindless things that Trump said is that evangelical Christians are greater supporters of Israel than American Jews.  While there may be some statistical truth to that statement it is only technically credible.  What a statement like that does more than anything else is portray a distinct misunderstanding of the composition of the American Jewish community.

It is sad and unfortunate that the leftist liberalism that is the hallmark of so many American Jews bring along with it a distorted and disjointed view of the realities on the ground in Israel.  Too many American Jews feel that Israel’s greatest weakness is her dominant military strength.  To that way of thinking Israel is possibly better off being a victim rather than a victor.

And that line of thought brings many of our people to conclude that Israel is too strong and that means that the Palestinians who make no bones about their desire to kill Jews and destroy Israel are nevertheless pursuing a righteous path.

That being what it is to a relative outsider like Donald Trump it is just shocking that any Jew anywhere can support a policy that seeks to make Israel more vulnerable to attack or someday—G-d forbid—to defeat at the hands of her enemies.

Back when he was still president Trump once made a comment that he thought that Jews who do not support him are disloyal to Israel.  As wild and unusual as it may sound to many of our core readership there are many Jews in this country who do support Israel and do so strongly but still did not and would not in the future support a Trump candidacy.

Like I said at the beginning of this essay, I don’t think it is smart for Mr. Trump to run for the presidency again but if he did I would have no problem supporting him and that support would be based almost exclusively on his close relationship and warm feelings towards Jews and Israel. 

And it would not be mindless or crazed MAGA support for Trump because I am a Trump supporter no matter what.  Anti-Trumpers have become rather adept at characterizing those who support the President and mostly his successful and effective policies as having something seriously wrong, mentally imbalanced and unfit about them.   Sadly it has been an effective strategy and approach that has made those who supported Trump and may do so in the future, reluctant to admit it.

Furthermore, if Mr. Trump genuinely feels that evangelical Christians are greater supporters of Israel than many Jews then he does not understand evangelicals either.  I’m sure I mentioned here more than once over the years that in the early and mid 1980’s I worked for an evangelical Christian owned radio station in New York.  Yes, they do mostly support Israel but there is an alternate agenda to that provision.

Their support for Israel, though mostly unarticulated, is that their avowed pro-Israel positions will ingratiate them with Jews and Israel to the point where Jews will someday turn that corner and begin to recognize the rightness of Christianity when it is stacked up against Judaism.

When I worked at this radio station owned by evangelicals I was there for the purpose of overseeing and producing 50 hours a week of Jewish programming with the partial objective of specifically tailoring programming so that our Jewish listeners would not find themselves listening to the Christina programming.  There were some difficult moments and disagreement about both our objectives but the Jewish programming made a lot of money for them so they let us do what we wanted to do.

I don’t think Trump is an evangelical in fact I’m not sure about the nature of his personal religious beliefs.  In fact if Mr. Trump thinks evangelicals support him because of the great strides he made in the direction of Middle East peace he should look again.  The evangelicals that I interfaced with all this years ago were more excited about the prospects of Israel going to war than signing onto peace agreements.   There was always a lot of talk about Armageddon or Gog and M’Gog.  That was the prospect of a violent and fiery war where in the end Jews recognize Jesus and so on….

So Trump is partially right.  Not enough Jews supported his presidency nor do they adequately support the Jewish state even though they are Jews.

Also in the Ravad book, Trump had some disparaging things to say about Bibi Netanyahu.  Specifically Trump took issue and expressed his angst at the fact that Bibi called Biden to congratulate him on his electoral victory while Mr. Trump was still challenging the election results.

Not only was that a foolish criticism, it was patently unfair.  We can rest assured that Netanyahu would have preferred a Trump win to a Biden and Democrat party victory.  But Netanyahu was not expressing a personal choice or playing favorites.  He was doing what was right for Israel to do at the time. Bibi not calling Biden to congratulate him would not have changed what eventually took place anyway.

There is an important role for Donald Trump in the future of Republican politics both in 2022 and the presidential election year of 2024.  But that role is not as a candidate and hopefully he realizes that.   So far it doesn’t sound like he realizes that.  But hopefully he does. 



  1. B”H Alas, it’s the pathetic ignoramus in charged of the hilariously misnamed 5T Jewish Times, Larry Gordon, who’s oblivious to language —- never like but as I say, and not Democrat Party —-who has not achieved political maturity (like his malignant idol, the corrupt, venal, grifter who challenged the sinews of American democracy). If you wish to learn the subtleties of domestic or foreign policy, don’t expect to find insight or direction from an outlier —- political and religious —- who lazily characterizes varied experiences either left or right, and seeks to benefit from his cultivation of faith-based divisions within the Jewish community. Shanda, I say. Really, he would vote to return to insurrection ante-January 6, with its vile racism, incompetence, assault on our Constitutional norms, and not only? Of course, he’s clueless that the Friedman-Kushner-Trump triumvirate, with the addition of Netanyahu, isolated the very source of Jewish identity and adoration as both became increasingly isolated from our Allies and mainstream world opinion. The Biden Administration represents a return to more normal times, to the extent that reason, empathy, and compassion again drive policy, vital in our ongoing battle to ameliorate the fatalities, and hospitalizations of COVID-19. In fact, in staying silent in the senseless controversy over mandates to vaccinate and mask —- our incoming county executive theatrically opposes them on the grounds of being for “common sense,” and individual choice —- Larry and Bruce have proven to be feckless, and provocatively against science and medicine! Let us prayerfully await that their stubborn dogmatism will bend towards realism, the facts that will set their closed minds free, provided they consent to listen to their betters. In such manner we stand to be saved from continuous anxiety, even fear that our liberation from today’s constricted existence remains distant. With fraternal affection, Asher🙏😩🇺🇸😢


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