By Barbara Drucker

What do a skunk, an owl, and a fox have to do with Tu B’Shevat?

They all depend on trees.

Trees are an important natural resource for us and our animal friends.

On Monday, February 4, students at Shulamith School for Girls were visited by licensed wild-animal rehabilitators. Their job is to rescue and rehabilitate injured or lost wild animals in hopes of returning them to their natural habitats. The girls learned that animals have accidents, get hurt, or lost. They are sometimes too hurt to take care of themselves in the wild so they spend their lives being cared for by naturalists and rehabilitators like Bobby and Cathy. The girls were amazed by the selection of animals they brought for a visit. We were able to observe and even pet a skunk, a large snake, two kinds of foxes, and three different kinds of owls. They ALSO saw a kestrel, the smallest kind of hawk in the U.S., which is native to New York State. The girls learned that many of these animals depend on trees for food and shelter. What an enjoyable and informative way to celebrate Tu B’Shevat! v

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