by Larry Gordon –

Did anyone here happen to see the Fox News Bill O’Reily interview with President Obama on Sunday? I thought the President was very casually deceptive and cagey, not answering pertinenet and important questions with a smile.

On the IRS scandal he said there was no corruption just “some bonehead decisions.” On the murder of our diplomats in Benghazi Libya in 2012 he said that know that we have leaned a lesson about security we are determined to make sure a tragic event like this does not reoccur.

On Obamacare, though it is an increasing disaster for many, her says that it is going just great. I have to try that. In a bad situation just adapt the position that everything is just wonderful. If you get hauled before the IRS and are additionally taxed or penalized or that you may have in inadvertently wrongly filed some things, just tell the auditor that it was “a bonehead” decision and that you won’t do it again.

If the IRS tries to fine you just tell them that you are not looking back at what happened or “any fumbles” of the past but that you are “looking ahead to the next play.” That should get you locked up with some dispatch.

Of course after viewing the interview with Mr. O’Reily it becomes abundantly clear that the premise of the Obama attitude is that we are just plain stupid. He’s not that far off base on that one.


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