The Hezbollah flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Hezbollah flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( Two Israeli soldiers were wounded by an explosion near the Lebanon border on Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit said. The Hezbollah terrorist organization later claimed responsibility for the blast.

According to the IDF, the blast was caused by a explosive device planted with the intent of attacking IDF soldiers. A source told Lebanon’s Daily Star that an explosive device went off near an Israeli tank near the Al-Sendaneh area in the Kfar Shuba hills.

Lebanese security sources also told the Daily Star that Israel launched at least 15 explosives in retaliation for the blast.

The incident comes amid growing tension along the Israeli-Lebanese border, which is patrolled by U.N. peacekeepers affiliated with UNIFIL. On Sunday, IDF soldiers fired at a Lebanese cell that was trying to infiltrate Israel.

Israeli defense officials have expressed concern that the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah could cooperate on attacks against Israel.

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